Nothing is invulnerable

Last adjustments just made before the end of the week... I don't want to leave anything pending to do before I catch the plane to Yucatan next week.
I don't like to leave things pending, especially those that can generate a problem for me and, on which, my reaction can be the key to solving it.
For example, having BTC or other crypto stored in a CEX is a risk that not everyone understands or, rather, not everyone understands that any centralized entity can go to shit in a matter of hours and sometimes without prior notice.
Do not believe that because you use the largest exchange in the world, aka BINANCE for example, it can be 100% secure... all of them are VULNERABLE from the smallest to the largest and the risks often do not come from abroad (HACKERS) but they are within the company or business.

Among the tasks I have done, I have transferred my BTC that I still had scattered in some exchanges to my Cold Wallet ledger, I have distributed part of my TETHER in liquid to a couple of Metamask wallets in case I have problems with one, the other part I have sent it to the ledger too.
It is possible that this last thing I have done sending my TETHER to metamask is what gives me the least confidence...

Perhaps I would have preferred to have also sent all my USDT to my LEDGER but for practical reasons I decided that it was not a bad idea to distribute them like this... by the way, these ETH network fees are still crazy...

On the other hand, I have delegated a good amount of HIVE POWER to @ecency which ensures that I maintain a constant influx of HIVE in liquid without having to be aware of doing curation work since, possibly, I will not have data coverage during a good part of my stay there.
For the moment, I have delegated 5000HP but it is possible that the day before I will end up delegating even more...
I already anticipate to the people I follow in HIVE that you will receive a little less for the votes that I give you, at least until the end of August, when I plan to remove my delegation and resume my usual activity.


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