I love Fridays...Strategy means everything

I really don't understand people who aren't seeing that we are experiencing the best time ever for investing in the last decade.
And the truth is that most people only think about "Investment" when things are going well or when the market is bullish to the maximum. Big mistake, of course, but obviously, this gives the rest of the more experienced a great opportunity, don't you think?

DCA may be one of the best and safest strategies to follow, both for buying and selling. This strategy is the one I follow with BTC, which I consider to be my Main Savings Account.
On the other hand, with other projects, I lean more towards the concept of Buy the Dip, although here also what happens is that this strategy becomes almost a DCA for me since it is very difficult to know where the "floor" or "Dip" of an asset is.

As for HIVE, in my case, I carry out an "hybrid strategy", I have a target price from which I accumulate more in HIVE, building my stake to enjoy it in the future, or I accumulate more HBD to obtain a succulent 20% of APR.

I set the decision limit at $0.5 per HIVE.

  • If it is below, all liquid HIVE obtained or purchased will build my stake (HIVE POWER)

  • If it is above, I basically divide the HIVE obtained into two parts, one that I accumulate as HIVE POWER and another that I convert into HBD towards my savings wallet, generating that 20% APR.

  • As the price of HIVE gets closer to $1, the percentage I dedicate to HBD savings grows, for example, if HIVE is at $0.75, it is possible that only 25% of my liquid HIVE goes to Power-up while 75% goes to my HBD savings...

  • If HIVE starts to dance above the $, that's when I consider maybe doing some Power-down to get more HBD and save them...

Do you see the idea?
Like everything in life, it's better to have a plan and stick to it than to go ALL-IN regardless of the risk.

With HIVE however, the risk exists but I think it is very limited. HBD is our "buffer" against risk for example.

Like every Friday for a long time now, today is a counting day for me and see how much I can accumulate as HIVE-POWER. I've decided to power up to around 65 HP, keeping some HIVE Liquid for future power ups.

...And I only have 290 HIVE left to achieve the goal I defined at the beginning of the year, reaching 18,000 HP before December 31st.

Have a very good day.

Hive on!


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