I love Fridays...

...and not only because it is the end of the working week and opens the doors of the weekend, but it is also special because it is when I do the balance of the week and adjust my crypto portfolio to reality.
It is also the day that I do my regular Power-Up of the week, I always try to accumulate more HIVE power this day, apart from what I get from curation or/and authoring, I dedicate part of my "Scalpings" to get more BTC and HIVE.
Additionally, today is also special because it is the HIVE POWER UP DAY or #HPUD so, another excuse to power-up more HIVE!
As you can see below, I do this exercise of powering-up any HIVE regularly on fridays (Yellow bars):


With this routinezed method, I have managed to power up about 90 HP during the month.

We are in a time of rebuilding, you may be frustrated and disillusioned with the established Bear Market, plus seeing that HIVE is also suffering from it doesn't help too much but believe me when I tell you that all these efforts now will pay off in the future.
In case it can help you, remember that the future value is assured by what you manage to accumulate in these times of recession, so there is no smarter action than to accumulate as much as possible today to enjoy in the future.
The truth is that if you maintain this vision you will live more peacefully with yourself, also, keep in mind that all the HIVE POWER that you stake is putting to work immediately, even if you are not an active person and spend time reading, creating or curating... my 16076 HP grows naturally at a rate of 1.32 HIVE POWER per day... without doing anything!
Also, if you have some time, you can ensure, with a minimum effort, a 7 to 9% APR from curation, which, in my case, it's between 3 and 4 HIVE POWER per day... in total, about 5 HIVE POWER obtained each day for just very little effort...
As usual, do not forget the following:

  • Everything you accumulate as HIVE POWER has the ability to perform COMPOUNDING, which means that your profits increase more and more.

  • HIVE has demonstrated the ability to reach $3 in a "healthy" way, although in a more sustainable way at $1.5, with which 5 HP today have the potential of at least $7.5 tomorrow, as I said, at least...

Have a Good weekend!


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