Accumulate while you can...

It is not time for selling but for accumulating, despite what it may seem Whales continue to "amass" thousands of bitcoins day after day...


If you still have doubts regarding where we are going in the market, it is good to take a look at this magnificent graphic created by Santimentfeed and shared on his twitter account.


Basically and in summary:

  • the amount of BITCOINS that have gone out of the exchanges has once again reached a new low. We are at May 2019 levels.
  • The amount of TETHER stored on exchanges has reached a new high since June.

What do these two factors indicate?

  • BITCOIN is not being sold but accumulated

There will be a moment soon on which the scarcity of BTC in the exchanges will push strongly the market.

And all this is happening behind the curtains while they entertain us in DeFi on metamask and so on in order to deviate our attention.

DeFi is here for the good of all but it will not be fully functional until we ensure that we can trade BTC from our hardware wallet without going through pseudo-fixings such as WBTC or similar in BSC, polygon and others...
Until then, we should accumulate as much BTC as possible because that time will come and then there will be no KYC or shit like that that resists the anonymity and decentralization created.

Sorry, Need to say.


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