4 new ways to earn BTC almost passively

For those of us who have been in this world for a long time, accumulating BITCOIN has become an unhealthy obsession, at least in my case.
Being up to date with new methods, apps and platforms where you can grab a handful of satoshis every day has become a routine for many of us and it is possible that, if you have been attracted by the title of this post, you are becoming in a satoshi obsessed, like me.
A few years ago, the way to accumulate satoshis safely, apart from buying them, was obviously by using the famous faucets, many of which have disappeared.
Today, layer 2 services, Borrow and Lending, staking etc... are more functional although they still carry some risks.
However, the adoption of Lightning technology that makes BTC transactions instantaneous and with really ridiculous fees, often less than 2 satoshis, is generating the creation of more and more useful services for BITCOIN holders and Lightning wallet users.
I wanted to inform you about 4 new generation apps that work with the Lightning Network and that can earn you some good satoshis almost passively for their use and enjoyment.
I'm not used to sharing my referral link but as I've already told you, I'm mentally ill when it comes to accumulating sats, so let me do it at least this time.


As they themselves say, it is "The only podcast app that rewards both listeners and podcasters for the value they bring to the platform."

If you like to listen to good podcasts, be it about BTC, crypto, culture, history, science, etc... here you will find the best authors, believe me. Also, by listening to them or by commenting and participating you get sats very easily. The more active you are, the better your "Flow" will be, which is like a type of "reputation" and the more earning possibilities you will have.
I've installed it, found my favorite podcasters, listened to them while driving or walking the dog, and in return have gotten a few hundred sats every time I conveniently and seamlessly withdraw to my Lightning Wallet.

My referral code in this app is: https://fountain.fm/toofastcrypto?code=97181b153a


I already talked about this news social network in this post, here you can also get a few sats for being social and engaging with users. What I have learned is that normally this social network is full of BITCOIN maximalist, so you have to be careful with some aggressive member (LoL).

My referral code in this app is: https://stacker.news/invites/cl7j6oi5v1359327a2odf1d5by6d


Forget the erratic behavior of BAT while surfing the web with BRAVE, I mean, Brave browser is very useful but the BAT rewards are negligible in my case or sometimes none... I intend to solve this with the SLICE EXTENSION for chrome.

It seems safe and you can adjust the number of ads you want to see or block, in return you receive exchangeable tokens for sats as well. I find it very interesting although I have not yet reached the withdrawal limit.

My referral code in this app is: https://addslice.com/?crew=JvswB


Similar to ACTIFIT, it pays you sats for walking, running... doing what you do every day. Also you can play chess there in your free moments and get some too... it's not much but it's totally passive and 100% safe too...

My referral code in this app is: https://join.smilesbitcoin.com/toofasteddie548

The truth is that there are multiple services with which to earn some sats, but these seem relatively easy and almost passive. Every day more and more similar services are coming out running on the BITCOIN Lighting Network, the use of this technology is increasing at the same time as its reliability so we will soon see more solutions based on it.



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