How to invest Leo in PolyCub from Hive # Farmer at the pLeo~Wmatic pool in PolyCub Farms

This is the last of a series of posts to show how to invest our Leo token in PolyCub in the simplest way possible and in images.

Specifically, it will invest in the farm pLeo/Wmatic

Farmer at the pLeo~Wmatic pool in PolyCub Farms

1 Step: Go to PoyCub and go to the Farms section as indicated by the arrow.


Step 2: Once we are inside we click on the pLeo~Wmatic pair and we will see the following image.


Step 3: This step is very simple, click on Enable and it will ask us to authorize the operation with its corresponding Fees. We give you to confirm.


Step 4: This is the last step to farm. We see in the image that the possibility of staking LP appears, we click and the pop up appears. We add our liquidity token pLEO-WMATIC LP and confirm. We have already finished.


5 Step: Finally we only have to start collecting our profits. In this last image we can see with the blue arrow the amount that we have staked. Underlined in red we see the amount of PolyCub to collect and the arrow tells us where to click.


With this we finish, we already have our Leo tokens invested in PolyCub and giving us profitability.

I hope it has been useful to you and that it has been didactic.
Regards and until next time.

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