2023 Saturday Saver's Club Week 21

My news:

  • Power up Day week and that means I was able to add 25 more HP to my stack.
  • My next goal for the end of the year will be 1500 HP but I will also try to get other tokens.
  • My LEO Power continues to grow at a good pace and I delegate it to @hiro.guita, Big changes come to leofinance, I'm ready.

Here is this week's deposit:

Another year committed to the Saturday Savers Club challenge

I liked the method and discipline of Saturday Savers Club so I decided.

I have chosen this painting to achieve the necessary savings, more or less about 1000 HP


This year I will focus on being in 100% HP mode. I will also use the layer 2 tokens to buy Hive and power up. With all this and some extra or other I hope to achieve my goals or exceed them.

I hope that with the support of @eddie-earner , @shanibeer and the rest of the Club members I can achieve my goal by the end of the year.

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