2022 Saturday Saver's Club Week 5

My news:

  • I managed to publish every day of the week
  • I managed to make this post on Sunday.
  • I have published more this week and it will be reflected in the result of the next one.
  • I am on day 37 of savings and I have deposited 1.75

Here is this week's deposit:


Although it's already January 16th this year I committed to the Saturday Savers Club challenge because I need a new computer to retire this coffee maker I'm writing with.

I liked the method and discipline of Saturday Savers Club so I decided.

I have chosen this painting to achieve the necessary savings, more or less about 500 HBD


I'll try to add funds to Hive's HBD Savings as a method as it gives a good 12% interest. I will add the backgrounds once a week coinciding with the follow-up publication that I make. By posting I force myself to be disciplined as I'm not too disciplined.

I hope that with the support of @eddie-earner , @shanibeer and the rest of the Club members I can achieve my goal by the end of the year.

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