Sold my first Gods Unchained Card on ImmutableX


I went pretty heavily into Gods Unchained purely for speculation with little to no intention of playing.

Up until now, it has been very difficult to sell cards due to high transaction fees on Ethereum. This all changed with the launch of ImmutableX which offers zero transaction fees until you cash in or cash out of the sub network. This is something that should have been there at launch and likely resulted in a large loss of their momentum as things were just kind of frozen while the network fees created a huge barrier.

I have a lot of cards to sell and it is going to be a painfully slow process, as far as I can see there is no way to bulk sell so I am focusing purely on the higher value cards first. I have only listed a handful of cards, but when I have some time I will throw on a movie, and go through my collection putting them up for sale. It sucks the process is some time consuming and difficult, but until recently it wasn't practical to even try.

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