Every month I buy Amazon gift cards on my Fold card. As I have the gold card ($150/year) I am able to buy up to $500 of Amazon gift cards with 5% cash back per month. I believe the free card is only able to purchase $200/month. I already have an Amazon American Express Business Black card, so I already get 5% back directly, so it is only advantageous to use the Fold card if I can get more than that. Usually an additional 1% is easy, the higher percentages are much more rare and usually require using up re-spin tokens.

The spin wheel changes a few times a month and this one is really good for big purchases.

Since May 7th when I signed up I earned around 770K Sats, or around $316. So this was a pretty nice win.


The great part is these sats are tax free as they fall under Credit card cash back rewards. They also can grow significantly if you earn them while bitcoin is low. Say I earn $130 (26% in this case) cash back while bitcoin is $30K and then bitcoin goes back up to $60K, that's ~52% cash back.

If you want to read more about stacking sats with the Fold card, check out my post.

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