What you may not know about STEMGeeks and the STEM token


If you haven't checked out STEMGeeks, now is a great time to get involved. Full disclosure, STEMGeeks is my community and STEM is the token behind this community.

STEMGeeks is a proof of brain Hive-Engine tribe focused on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math).

But we already have STEMSocial!

STEMGeeks was created a few years ago when STEMSocial was STEEMStem and I decided to create STEMGeeks for a few reasons. I found STEEMStem more focused on Science than any of the other STEM topics, I also found their mission focused on professional and journalist quality publications. I wanted to build a community for anyone to be able to talk about STEM from the casual tinkerer to a professional educator.

STEMGeeks was built to allow anyone to have a discussion about STEM topics at any level and without pressure. While STEMGeeks is heavily monitored for abuse and spam, we allow all experience levels to participate without penalty provided they publish on topic.


One thing I believe sets STEMGeeks apart from other tribes is the moderation. While we want to allow all skill levels to be involved in STEMGeeks, we do not tolerate spam and abuse and we have a strict rule of being on topic (i.e. Bitcoin price posts have nothing to do with STEM).

We have got to the point where I don't need to get involved in moderation often as the official curators and community have done a great job in allocating rewards to good content and not low quality content. In fact, I am very proud of this fact as you can see for yourself by looking at trending. Low quality content struggles to even get 1 STEM token from the community.

You can visit https://stemgeeks.net to check it out.


STEMGeeks was the creator of the first Hive Hackathon that raised over 12,000 Hive to reward participants. HiveOnboard was a result of the first hackathon and is used by almost every dApp on Hive to onboard new users to Hive.

The second hackathon I plan to be an even larger affair with focus on getting attention of audiences not yet familiar with Hive.


When I created STEMGeeks, I wanted a token with low inflation and good distribution. I carefully chose the tribe parameters that would result in what I consider good tokenomics. I believe this has been achieved but I feel most haven't realized this or really know to what extent.

The STEM token currently has less than 7% inflation (currently around 6.6%) with a large portion of the weekly reward pool burned (~30%) bringing the inflation well under 5%. Compare this to other tribes with 20%-25% inflation and you understand when I say there are very few STEM tokens available.

Currently STEM is valued at around 0.03 Hive, making it very cheap to acquire and in my opinion greatly undervalued. This is due to the fact there is very little selling going on, but also at the same time not a lot of buying.

STEMGeeks uses linear rewards so you do not have to worry about timing your votes within a small window of time for optimal curation rewards or be concerned about "curation sniping". This allows people to vote with their heart on what they believe should be rewarded. Author rewards are split 50/50 with curators to encourage more organic voting and fair distribution between stake holders and authors.

There is also a slight curve on author rewards which helps prevent low quality content from slowly earning rewards and pushes popular content higher on trending.

STEM Curators currently earn as much as 108% APR curating on STEMGeeks.

When you factor in compounding, you can potentially see even higher returns. This is effected by how much stake is actively voting. Currently over 80% of STEM is powered up.

Every week we publish a post disclosing the weekly STEM burn amount which averages around 30% of the weekly reward pool.

Compare this to the small burns other tribes do once and a while. This burn consists of burning tokens from the following four activities:

This in the past has systematically reduced the already super low inflation making STEM tokens harder to acquire.

All this doesn't matter if you have poor distribution. STEMGeeks has a very balanced distribution with rewards being distributed well across all account sizes and not just to the select few.

This is what happens when you have low distribution with favortism to a handful of accounts.

You can see the top 20 stake holders here and what they hold. @stemcuration is our official curator account where liquid curation rewards have been burned weekly.

I am looking for a new official curator, so be sure to join our Discord Server to say hi.

I am currently working on Hackathon 2 ideas and I will make a post when I have something to share.

This is not financial advice and you need to make financial decisions that work for you. There is no performance guarantee these numbers represent the current situation only.

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