Some suggestions for LeoFinance


I've been waiting to spend some time with @khaleelkazi to discuss some suggestions for Seeing as he is so busy, I'm putting some of them together in a post.

Explain why Hive account

This is something I have been wanting to do on It's really simple, but I think it is important. Have a look at this gif that covers the start of the sign up process.

The problem is as a new user it is really confusing why someone is signing up for a Hive account when they are joining LeoFinance. In my opinion, I think a window that explains why you need a Hive account and some day in the future a link to where they can learn more. This could be one more dialog in the funnel or just a link "Why do I need a hive account?" where they can click and learn more.


I love Peaklock on Peakd for mobile. It was perfectly executed by the @peakd and allows you to easily login and save your posting key securely on a mobile device. The current implementation of non-keychain login with LeoFinance uses HiveSigner and requires your active key even if you only want to use your posting key.

A Peaklock like system would eliminate the need to do this, the current system forces you to grant posting authority when not using Keychain. Posting authority should only be required once if you want scheduled posts and that's pretty much it. I believe Peakd team might even help implement a similar system.

First Tag

The default behavior of and most sites is to display the first tag. In the case of this is always LeoFinance community if posted via (which most people do). Seeing as 99.9% of them are LeoFinance, this information becomes pointless.

I suggest using the 2nd tag as the category when the first is the community.

The only time it is different is when a post is promoted. Then it actually replaces it. Another suggestion in this same area is move promoted to the left and not delete this category tag. This category tag is very valuable if it is actually displaying things like Bitcoin, UniSwap, Ethereum, and other categories. Right now it is dead space between always being LeoFinance and Promoted overriding it.

Posted with LeoFinance

I personally think this is counter-productive for comments. While there is value on a main post, doing it for every comment starts to build a spammy backlink profile for SEO and just looks silly. It also makes the comment section look tacky.

Improve the coingecko listing


Right now wrapped Leo is displayed on CoinGecko, which is freaking amazing. But it only updates like once a day (last update 15 hours ago) and 90% of the stats are not displayed and nulled. It doesn't present a good first impression. I would suggest doing everything possible to get this to be updated and reliable as possible.

Get a listing on Ionomy

Ionomy is always looking for tokens to list. While they don't have a lot of volume, it can't hurt to get a listing there. I can put you in touch with someone that might be able to help.

Geyser the 1st of the month

I brought this up on Discord and it seemed to be received well, but I think moving the geyser snapshot to the first of the month would be ideal. I know it was mentioned that it would be transitioned slowly, to the first. I'm perfectly fine doing it immediately (when the code is ready) rather than a slow transition. It's only like two weeks and I think most would be fine having a shorter or longer month to do it in one go, but either way it would be nice to have a set date we all know.

Names in Dex

Most of us know of @jjb777's forked site which displays the names of buyers and sellers. It would be awesome if LeoDex did this same thing without the need of a forked clone to check who is buying and who is selling.

Delegate bot

When you sign up new users they have 0 HP. You can't really do much of anything with 0 HP drastically reducing the user experience of new users. I would recommend delegating 5-15 HP to new users for 30 days and removing it at 30 days.

I am the first one to admit the Steemit Inc delegation system sucked and was heavily abused. But there were serious flaws with it and it did not remove delegation quickly. I think 30 days is enough time for a user to start earning some Hive to have enough to transaction. RC Pools will solve the abuse problem and this system can easily be changed to move to RC pools when the time comes. RC pools are planned for HF25 which is only a few months away.

There is already a bot available to handle this for you that most likely works, if not should be easy to make work. You can find it here.

I could go on with more suggestions, but this is a start.