Increase security, privacy, and speed by switching to Brave Browser


I consider myself a power user, and am very demanding with my hardware and software. I've used Google Chrome for a long time and attempted to switch to Brave a few times but never really fully committed to trying it. If it wasn't my primary browser, I wasn't going to really know if it was right for me.

About a year ago I finally decided I will make Brave my primary browser and attempt to function 100% in it. Once I did that, I was really able to see if it was going to work for me.

It didn't take long to realize I wasn't going back to Chrome, Firefox, or any other browser.


Brave is more secure, it doesn't phone home like Chrome does, it is faster than other browsers, it has native MetaMask functionality, it can block ads as good as uBlock Origin without an addition extension, and you can earn BAT tokens if you decided to turn on Brave Rewards.

Even after switching to Brave, I frequently used Chrome and Firefox for different "sessions" when I wanted to log into two different accounts at once, or wanted to separate Hive and Steem activities.

A while ago I decided to completely eliminate other browsers and use Brave exclusively, even as secondary profiles. I wrote a post I highly recommend you check out if you want to learn how to increase your personal security by using browser user profiles. Seriously, go check it out, I'll wait.

Now I have a few different profiles that serve the same purpose of multiple browsers as well as increasing security.

For example, I have my Filthy Casual profile which is my main profile I use on a day to day basis. This browser has my standard day to day extensions and websites I work with on a daily basis.

I have another profile dedicated to LeoFinance CubFi, why you may ask? Well the main reason for this is CubFi uses the Binance Smart Chain which means I have to configure MetaMask to use a different RPC server and configuration. It's easier to use a dedicated profile for this so I can always have the native MetaMask connected to BSC and I can easily work with CubFi without switching back and forth. This is a huge time saver and you can see my two profiles loaded at once.

Finally, I have a Clean Freak which is my most secure profile. I don't run many extensions, but in this profile I do not have any extensions. I switch to this profile when I need the most security. Keep in mind, extensions are one of the most dangerous things you can install on your machine.

I have some other profiles, but none of them are related to Hive.

While Chrome can do this as well, Brave does it better.

Brave also has a fantastic Ad Blocker built-in without installing a third party extension. I have used uBlock Origin for years, Brave has completely eliminated the need to do so. In fact, you can use the same lists if you want.

I've had this profile running for 2 days, and already saved almost 300MB of junk downloaded.

There are two additional lists I add to remove the endless cookie notifications and annoying elements. Otherwise, the standard config works great. I never see YouTube ads, or ads anywhere for that matter.

Brave will also reduce fingerprinting your browser, cross-site cookies, and trackers, all while upgrading your connect to HTTPS whenever possible.

Brave has built-in crypto wallet support and even plays nice with hardware wallets like Ledger and Trezor.

Want to get paid to surf? Turn on Brave Rewards and earn BAT, currently one of the best performing crypo assets.


I could go on, there are many other reasons to switch to Brave and I highly suggest you give it a try.

Most importantly, you owe it to yourself to being more secure and increasing your privacy.

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