Hive breaks $1!


As someone who has been holding Hive while most people have been selling, I am still surprised Hive has hit $1 this quickly.

A few months ago I broke the 1M Hive Powered up.

I've mostly been staying powered up since the first day I joined. For a couple of years as I powered up everything even liquid rewards from posts.

In the last few years I've been investing my liquid rewards into many projects on Hive.

  • ManCave (Bro)
  • DCity
  • Utopis
  • CTP
  • Leo / Cub / wLeo
  • Splinterlands
  • Seed
  • Hive:Hive.Swap liquidity

I'm sure there are other projects I missed.

I joined on July 1st 2017, and I wish I knew about it sooner as I missed a lot of the key defining moments of this blockchain. I wish I could have been around the early days to help shape where it is today.

I was one of the first to push for the fork to Hive, but I will be honest, I was scared shitless at the time. There was no guarantee anyone would take it serious, but it was clear as day Steem was a lost cause. I knew that the moment Justin Sun and Ned Scott did their ask me nothing event.

I am amazed at what we have accomplished with Hive. We not only forked away from Steemit Inc and Justin Sun's centralized grasp, we turned Hive into something Steem never could be. We have been improving the technology at a pace Steemit Inc could never do in the 4 years they actively worked on Steem.

It wasn't long ago Hive was struggling to stay above $0.10. I remember thinking to myself, if Hive hits $0.10, I am going to buy a shit ton. It never made it down to $0.10, it was pretty close for a while, and made a big leap to the 20's for awhile where it sat.


Compared to everything I watch, Hive is kicking ass.

With a move like this, a lot of people will start to notice. Really exciting times.

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