Brave now supports Gemini custodian wallet


Brave has been my browser of choice for a while now. It is faster, more secure, more private, and has the potential to earn rewards through the optional rewards system.

One of the major problems with their rewards system has always been Uphold being the only option for custodian of BAT rewards. Yesteday Brave announced the release of Gemini support as the custodian wallet for Brave users.


If you go to verify your wallet, you now have the choice to select Gemini or Uphold.

Verification and quick but does depend on a verified Gemini account.

If you have funds in Uphold and you use it as your custodian wallet, you will need to transfer those funds to Gemini or where ever you want those funds to be.

If you want to switch to Uphold, you can disconnect your wallet in Brave rewards and select Gemini.

If you are a new Gemini user, you will receive 5 BAT after 30 days of signing up and linking your BAT wallet. You can also potentially earn ~3.5% APR by holding your BAT on Gemini.

You can read more about the partnership on the Gemini announcement page or Brave announcement page.

Check out the announcement video if you need more information.

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