What are the different ways to earn HIVE?


Buy it or Earn it?

Dear Users, How did you get your first Hive tokens?

I bet some of you here would answer from the st*** fork. Well, that's one for sure among other ways you can get your first hive tokens. But for those new users, there could only be two better options for them to get their first tokens, one by paying it directly in exchange for the equivalent number of tokens and the other one being the most generic way to earn tokens for free which will be discussed mainly in this post.

Buy Hive!

So the first thing I have mentioned is the easiest one that works perfectly if you have some extra money to invest in cryptocurrencies.

It has never been easier now to buy hive since nowadays, there were already exchanges accepting and supporting Hive trades and trade pairs. As of the time of writing this post, Hive is currently traded at a price of $0.22 from various exchanges around the sphere.

Some of my favorite exchanges listed Hive as a traded token.

Do note that, cryptocurrencies are naturally volatile, buying it without proper knowledge of the product/token itself poses some risks to your investment. It may exponentially lose/gain some market value thus losing/gaining value to your money in return. Always do your own research and invest in what you can afford to lose.

Earn it!

Here's what you're looking for, a free and convenient way to get your first hive tokens.

Earning Hive tokens in the platform consists of ways you can actually do for free and without the need to exchange physical money in return. But those ways were characterize by some level of difficulties, some were easy and some were not while some would take a lot of your effort, sweat, time, and patience to sacrifice.

  1. Posting - The most common and free of all. You simply post something on the platform, you get upvoted and you get paid for that work. But wait, it's really not that easy, to be honest, it requires you to work hard for it, and the key points for that, "quality, true and engaging".

  2. Upvoting/Curating - Upvoting is simply liking others' content/blogs on the platform. This works best for investors because the earnings will depend on the amount of Hive Power you have invested/bought. But could work well too on regular users, you gotta earn Hive Power first by posting, convert HBD to Hive tokens and power them up to your account to fund initially your Hive Power. What is Hive Power and HBD?

  3. Be a Hive Witness - Running a witness is like running a dedicated infrastructure for Hive to continue working and breathing but also, comes with a huge amount of costs and recurring costs. But of course, you'll get paid for being a Hive witness. You will be rewarded with Hive Power for the resources you're offering. Those on the top list of being a witness will earn more rewards from time to time. Choose your witness wisely!

  4. Tribe tokens - Tokens you get from various tribe groups of Hive by posting content-related to the tribe's genre and target. Tribes include splinterlands, a blockchain card game where you earn DEC tokens, leofinance, a tribe exclusive for financial/cryptocurrency blogging where you earn LEO tokens, and many more to mention. These tokens are tradeable and can be exchanged into Hive tokens. See it here!

And that's all for now, folks! Either way, getting Hive tokens should be your first step in acknowledging the potential of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

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This is not a financial advise!

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