The Scientific Method

humans are sometimes too creative for their own good and like a talented lawyer they can easily find convincing explanations for things that are wrong to avoid this when studying the world around us the best thing we have so far is the so-called scientific method which for the most part revolves around one observing the world around us for example our tendency to want to consume stuff now rather than wait so the appeal of instant gratification to articulating your hypothesis around what we just observed for example the idea that people prefer to just consume right now if they are not rewarded for saying no three using that hypothesis to make a prediction for example that a group of people you reward for delaying gratification will do it more frequently than a group you just ask nicely for by using tools like experiments you test these predictions in the real world you can let's say have two groups of children and ask them to wait twenty minutes without drinking the glass of tasty lemonade that's in front of them for one group we just asked nicely and for the other we tell them they'll be rewarded with a small toy if they wait if the group does reward that proves to be more patient and better yet if other similar experiments show the same thing or on to something while by no means perfect the scientific method is remarkably effective

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