RE: How do you value Human vs AI content?

Well, it’s tough, see. Cuz I agree, the difficulty in producing a photo has dropped as the equipment improved. But the ‘literacy’ still lacks.

It’s like all this crypto & tech. It’s redefining technology, code and finance, but some of us are still no more knowledgeable in the task than before.

I wouldn’t say that AI itself is an issue, but it’s the application that defines it. Similar to the debate around guns.

Sure, guns kill people, says one side. The other responds, no, people kill people. They’re using the guns to do so.

So what will people use Ai for? Some might have them write a 500 word article. I met students who knew others using it to write their assignments. I’ve asked AI how I can clean my shower floors.

All depends on how you play it, just like any game is. Thing about a game, though, nobody likes cheaters.

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