The thing money is the most important variable in life like x in mathematics tough it is not necessary it will bring satisfaction or hapiness. If we ignore the two words as I mentioned above, money plays vital role in our life.Because of its importance people have learnt how to manage it.The rich are rich because they know how to make money from money.They save it ,they invest it.

If you have doubt,Let's start from the begining.After the abolishment of barter system(exchanging goods) when coins had come to play,people started learning the management of money(coins then).Not long ago, It is discovered that the richest and the oldest society of Babylon knew how to mange coins.We have found proof written down on their note book, not made of paper ofcourse. They took account of their earning and they separated money for each kind of expenditure and also saved it and reinvest it in farming.
Investment is fruitful source

If I talk about rich people of today, they are doing the same thing.One of the most successful investor warren Buffett, also saves money to reinvest even now. He doesn't expense everything he earns.Some people may say '' how do you know it?" and my answer to them "Don't be ridiculas..lol."

There are people who do not agree with me and not even anyone who think the same as mine. My article today is for them.


A daily or monthly regular small saving can be a huge ammount in future.If we save money and do not invest it, it will be a foolish activity because inflation will eat our money. Think if the saving is invested in secure place, it will compound gradually and let's say after ten or twenty years, it can be a huge ammount and thus life in future can be healthy.We must think of our future. Some can say I don't care for future.Okay good let's reads the following points.


Here on earth we live accidently. Who knows when a commet or a celestial body comes and hit us to destroy.If life is uncertain, think our future is more uncertain that our life. If we live, the future should be bright and Investment can be a relief for uncertain future not for me only but also our dear one who we care.

Take another example how our future is unrevealed. People were doing well in their life ,they were doing offical jobs and other jobs also , then a pandemic comes called COVID-19.Millions of people lost their jobs accross the globe. Think if they had savings, they would be fine but unfortunately many didn't have it.Life became measurable for them.

Suppose I am the only earning member of our familly and something bad has happened to me; may be serious illness or even death ;who would care of them.Ofcourse a good Investment can take care them.


If we make our life upto old age, Investment of now can be great relief.I have read somewhere we may be aged one day but our mind should have been always as young as like a child. Ofcourse we can't control our aging but what we can control is our mind.But when we grow old our capacity of hard work decreases and oneday it comes to almost zero.What can make our mind strong is our wealth if we save it as investment.

I have seen in many families old people got less care form familly specially when they become a burden for familly but this thing is totally different for a wealthy old man.Give it a thought and must start Investing.


There are people who leave respectable life because of their wealth they possess. A knowledgeable person like teacher is less respected than a wealthy person.Having knowledge is good. It doesn't make you respectable😂.There are many example that people became hero to zero. I have read about a an Indian business man. Everybody knows him.He is Dhirubhai Hirachand Ambani.Though everyone knows him as just Dhirubhai Ambani.He is the founder of reliance Industries.In 2002 upon his death his asset was $ 2.9 billions.

He passes away but what he did , Every generation of his family keep him in mind forever and people like me will take his name when they wanna talk about Investment.He was a poor man started from a hut.There many such examples. We should take lesson from them.


We have seen how people can be rich, we have examples from ancient society to morden one. It says Investment can take us to our goal.If you are lucky man you can win a lottery but if you don't know how to manage the amount you got, it will soon be empty.Money brings money. The sooner you understand it , the sooner you pave the path.

Speaking foreign language and wearing costly dresses doesn't make you respectable.It's money what makes you respectable.If you think " If respect doens't make us feed ,what the hack this respect is." And if you give a damn to your old age ,it's fine but if you don't care your family ,then you are not fine. Take care of them and start investing.

It is very important to gather knowledge where to invest.Crypto may be good in near future.

Disclaimer: This article is what I personally think about Investment.So don't take any financial decission considering it. If you do so , this noobalol won't be responsible for that.

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