Horse Up Day - have you done yours?

Hello Hello you awesome people of Hive

March is finally here and that means that it is time to power up.
Are you like me and think that March is the mad month? Well, we are not alone, I was having a wee chat with my favourite horsey 🐴friend about Hive and HP and this was his response!


He thought HP stood for Horse Power! There now, surely that put a smile on your face. His teeth tho🤣

Okay back to business


I do love looking at stats! The chart is courtesy of I joined Hive on September 3rd 2021 so on Wednesday it will be my six month anniversary. It has been a journey with stops and starts. In reality I achieved nothing on Hive for the first four months.

However, 2022 was the turning point, and this will be my third PUD in a row and hopefully my third successful PUM. More power to us.

Looking back to my January PUD post, I was able to power up 11.995 Hive and went from 15HP to 27HP.

I was finally on the road to being a proper hiver!

Now I am able to power up more as you can see💪


I have managed to grow my account from 15HP to 389HP in two months, and today I am going to pass the 400HP mark.

Checking the March PUD post if you power up at least 50 Hive you are eligible for a level 2 Power-bee badge, pretty cool, so my goal for April then is to get the level 3 badge meaning I will power up at least 100 Hive.

Okay time to Power Up (no not the horse power type but Hive Power😋)


So there we have it, 56.908 Hive to be powered up and enough to get me the level 2 power-bee badge. This is one happy chappy today!


There we have it for March #PUD I have:

Powered Up 56.908 Hive from 389.951HP to 446.861HP

This is almost a 15% increase so I am happy with that.

My March Hive goals are two fold, firstly get to 700 HP and secondly get to the minnow stage!

I want to say a big thank you to everyone for making this possible!

Check out this post from @traciyork if you would like to know more about possible #PUD prizes!

March will see me working like my bee below!


Thank you for reading and here is to a marvellous March for everyone, peace to all.


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