Three Ways To Improve Your Leofinance Blog.

I've been publishing articles in the Leofinance community for a couple months now and while I'm still quite far from the perfect writer on the blockchain, I have learnt a couple ways anyone could improve their blogs and make their contents more attractive which could be highly beneficial to anyone new to the community.

Write On What Interests You and Others:

As much as I'd always talk about blogging on what we love, there's always a common ground and Leofinance is that ground where we can all find really interesting topics to talk about. Topics that interest others brings attention to your post and could subsequently help bring the votes and reputation you've always desired. But most importantly, these topics of high interest can be suggested when searched on Google (SEO) and your blog in the Leofinance community would be brought up, hence promoting the Hive blockchain and Leofinance community.

Use Catchy Headlines:

I think most users know this quite alright but the importance of using a catchy headlines goes beyond just a topic for our post. They help make our posts irresistible to read and also help promote blogs in the Leofinance community when searched on Google (SEO). Writing an article with over 1000 words and using a headline that isn't catchy is a half done work. The headlines however aren't just about the contents but the length and impact matters. Six to Seven words in the headline is perfect and using words like How To, What, Ways, could make your post more tempting to read. Using numbers too is a sure fire way to boost your contents.

Use Catchy photos Or Infographics:

These go a long way in making sure your posts catch the attention of readers. I started making use of infographics when I saw its impacts on my post. Readers could have a plain idea of what your post is about and the image used could also be a friendly way of inviting them to check outbtbe content of the post. You can create infographics for your posts using apps like Canva and Picsart.

Please note that these do not guarantee upvotes, but would definitely help in improving the content you serve and could ultimately make you a better author in the community.

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