Preaching The Gospel Of Crypto: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Aspect Of Promoting Cryptocurrencies.

Somehow, a colleague of mine got to see the recent Hive pump on Binance and reached out to me if he should buy Hive since it seemed Hive was mooning. He had stayed away from cryptos for about a year now and felt it's time to get back in since most cryptos are "going up" again. We had a pretty long talk about most things and opportuinities in the crypto space but just as I was about telling him to go ahead with buying Hive as a pretty good investment for the next bull run, I paused. PTSD is crazy man!!.


First of all, Hive just pumped like crazy in less than a day and according to the book of crypto chapters one verse one, "no matter the cryptocurrency, do not fomo". I told him how I was no longer that guy who told folks what to buy or what not to. I had my fair share of disappointments and blames when the bear market started because I had encouraged a few close relatives and friends to invest in crypto but alas they were investing late and only a very few number of them took responsibility for their action. At this point, I've grown to learn to keep my business to myself and only always use the famous disclaimer "no a financial advice" when I even get the chance to talk crypto.

The good part of preaching crypto to people is that I get to share my experience which could ultimately make those I'm inviting to crypto spend less time understanding the space, avoid mistakes,waste of money and use my experience to better navigate the space. The bad side however is how most people are quite to shift blame to whoever got them involved with crypto in the first place. The act of not taking responsibility for their actions made me stay away from talking about investing, new projects, the next big things in the crypto.

Nonetheless, I still talk to people about Hive, how to go about Hiving, helping them set up their accounts etc. I also give guidance when it comes to the use of exchanges and NFT platforms but I keep this on the minimal just so I don't get blamed for anything. And I also enjoy talking more with people already in thr space and dully aware if their actions. It's more interesting and informative to me as I explore the space, but then, sometimes, we would have to guide those not yet in the space and to do this, I just tell them of Hive and that they should stick to it for a better understanding of the space first and then they should take full responsibility for every other thing that follows.

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