Post FTX And LUNA Crash: Chances Of The Next Bull Run.

I had a thought today when a friend asked me how cryptos were doing and if it was a good time to invest. Honestly, I do try my best to stay calm when asked questions of this sort because everyone who knows me knows I don't advice anyone on crypto matters, especially with all that has happened this year. My take is to invest at your own risk and don't invest at your own risk. Well, this friend asked the question because she felt so much chaos has happened already ans prices have crsahsed really hard from their all time highs, so perhaps it's the best time to get back into cryptos while she still can in anticipation for the next bull run. Then it struck me, what are the chances of another bull run?


Firstly, I agree with the general rule of a bull run after a bear market, and a bear market after a bull run. It has been like that for over a decade for cryptos and has been a thing for decades with the stock market. But my worries are if we're still gonna be experiencing a bull market with the same or much bigger magnitude than previous bull markets or we'll probably be disappointed by how long it would take for before the next bull market to happen and if it turns not to as big as we expect.

Here's the thing, the previous bull markets were ushered in by many events but mostky the rise in popularity of cryptos and the bull market of 2021 particularly was unique because of Covid 19 pandemic and how most people in the world had to look towards the direction of cryptos of a better life during the pandemic. More people were interested in cryptos during the lockdown and since everything came back to normal in some countries plus the several dramatic crashes (LUNA and FTX particularly), the interest in crypto from both individuals and institutions seems seems have dropped drastically. Some people even belief the absence of lock downs contributed to the bear market.

But here's my thought, regardless of several crashes that've happened and some that may still happen in the future, cryptos are here to stay and a bull market is certain because more people in their billions are yet to fully experience the goodness cryptocurrencies bring. The crashes we've seen are attributes of the bear markets, and although these are the biggest we've seen in recent times, many cryptos companies and exchanges crashed years ago from either a hack or internal misappropriation of funds. The news weren't as big as these because crypto was well known then, but the fact is we are still quite far from cryptos peak. I don't know exactly when the next bull run will be and I really don't care to be honest, I'm here for all times and I think you should too.

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