NFT 101: Engagement, The Catalyst For Sales. (NFT For Newbies).

So here's an exclusive post about my experience with engagement and how it can have significant effect on sales of NFTs and the growth of an NFT creator. Regardless of whether the NFTs are a community owned project or a single piece from an artist, engagement is a key ingredient and a catalyst for sales. Engagement with other artists, collectors and everyone who loves and doesn't love your NFT (although I tend to focus my attention more on people who give positive responses to my works)


I've been in the NFT space for close to a year now and my mornings are dedicated to engaging with everyone who sees my art. Twitter as you already probably know is the meeting for NFTs but I also interact with people on Instagram because I also share my works there.

I share my works in the morning, with the regular "GM"s and lurk around to reply messages, retweet the works of other creators, comment on the works of other creators, take part in contests and exhibitions...I literally try to do everything to make sure I'm constantly on the timeliness of my followers. It's welcomed to go all out on your hustle especially in the NFT space, although it doesn't guarantee sales, but it definitely increases your chances of making one. I've personally had collectors who picked up some my pieces because they been seeing me literally everywhere and I've heard many other NFT creators share this same experience of how a collector supported their art because they've been a very active party of the NFT community.

However, don't get too creepy with the engagement, like entering DMs of collectors to tell them to beg or persuade them to collect your works. It gives a pretty bad reputation anywhere, same way it is here on Hive, begging curatprs to vote your posts. The best way you can get their support is by engaging under their posts, sharing your works when they ask and asking relevant questions when it's needed.

Trying to engage with a community of so many people may seem difficult at first, but it's actually quite easy. A simple "GM friends" tweet could go a long a way in building your career as an artist. You can also try sharing your art more frequently ( daily if possible). It is a constant reminder to everyone that your an NFT creator and you have works out there to be picked up.

And in times when sales aren't so frequent like this, engagement and being an active member of the NFT space is what would keep you as an NFT creator in the minds of potential collectors and would make you stand out as being consistent and dedicated to your art and craft same way most authors tend to get quite alot of support on Hive in the bear market for not leaving because the market went south.

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