My Worst Business Idea Ever.

Just for the fun of it, I'll be sharing a business idea that turned out to be the worst business idea I've ever had. I got this idea when I was way younger and didn't know much about business besides the fact that they were a way to make money. The idea seemed so perfect then but was really not gonna work due to how the business was, environmental impact and demand for such business. I had many ideas, some actually really cool but needed funding which wasn't available at the time and some because they sounded so bad no one would wanna drop a dime to support that business. And no, it wasn't drugs.

I got the idea when I was around 10 or 11 so yeah I was pretty young but had understood I needed to offer services to make money. I was helping out with cleaning of new apartments at the time and was making a couple bucks helping people clean their apartments before they moved in. One would expect that I'll probably just focus more on that since it has a higher demand that this new idea but I was a kid and this second idea felt more profitable and of a high demand then. The idea; Selling fireworks and crackers (bangers)

At the time, they were in high demands because of the upcoming festivities (Christmas and New year). I felt getting involved in the business would fetch me some money since people were quite crazy about the them unlike now. I bought some packets of firecrackers and they were sold out in a day with good profit. No business ever felt so good. I did the same the next day and this time with two more packets and they were also sold out.

So I got into the business with the little I gathered from cleaning and bought more firecrackers and fireworks what I didn't realise was that this business would only strive for a period and can't can't continued due to the fact that these products aren't to be used by outside these periods and also because for law enforcement officers, t was hard to tell the difference between the sound of some of these fireworks and gunshots. These products were banned in some areas to show how much they were despised particularly since they're also caused alot of fire and burn incidents. Well, I didn't know all of this at the them and just hot involved because I had rich friends who loved buying them.

Reality began creeping in after the New Year when people were rounding up the festivities. I wasn't getting sales anymore and at this point I wished I had listen to older people who adviced me not to buy so much products. They were so many, I had no choice but to hawk them especially since I had done that before for someone else( I had no shame or girlfriend so it was the only option). I sold them cheaper and all the while I was hawking, I was hidding from law enforcement officers, it felt like I was selling drugs. I had to get them off my hands because I couldn't wait till another year to sell them and they'll most definitely get worn out or spoilt by then.

The business ended with "Bang" as I recovered my money from hawking the products and I never tried the business again. As a matter of matter of fact, over the years, I've developed a kind of despise for firecrackers and I admit that thinking of starting a business in that line is worst business idea I've ever had.

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