Decentralization Of Twitter: The Possibility Vs The Reality.

Earlier today, I learnt Kanye West had once again been banned on Twitter and I had to find out what had happen especially since his account alongside Donald Trump's were just reinstated. I saw he had somewhat praised Hitler in a recent interview which caused so many backlash but the reason his account was banned again according to Elon Musk is because he had posted an embarrassing photo of Elon Musk.

It's quite funny though, he didn't get banned for his hate speech and possible incitation of harm to a group of group, but got banned for poking the owner of Twitter. And so I question again, will Twitter ever be decentralised?


One thing to note though is that Twitter was never built to be decentralised however there are a few steps that can be taken to make it appear decentralised and allows freedom of speech. But so long it can be owned by a person or a group of people who could control who stays and who leaves, it can't truly be decentralised.

So far, all I see Elon doing is just being in control of a platform he bought and just trying to do whatever pleases him and of course to make the world (particularly those who haven't experienced true decentralisation) think Twittee is now decentralised. If a person can control another person's action on a platform, I don't believe that platform is in any decentralised.

About Kanye, he's been gradually threading a really dark path lately and his recent interview where he talked about Hitler being a person of value in history seems to the worst of his recent antisemitic statements. I read a post by a fellow Hiver inviting Kanye to Hive and I believe that would be helpful to Hive in many ways as we need more eyes on the platform. But To be honest, I think people like Kanye with millions of followers could do so much harm with the hate speeches especially on platforms like Hive where they can't be banned. I still question how Hive plans to tackle hate speeches though. To let it be or to end it and prevent chaos (would love to hear response on this).

Well, let's see how things go with Twitter, hopefully it does become decentralised somehow, but I doubt that would ever happen.

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