Are College Degrees And Formal Education Still Worth It?

My two siblings just resumed back to college about a month ago after a long eight months strike. I had experienced the same when I was in the university as well plus a couple more strikes every now and then. During the strike, they both had to spend the available time learning skills that were related to their course of study in the university and could be beneficial to them later in life. And then at some point we had conversations about the degrees itself and formal education, if they were worth all these money spent and time wasted especially since most schools around here only do more theories and the real thing.


I was watching Maisie Williams Ted talk on how she became a star actor in the Game of Thrones without any formal education or degrees and it made me recall the conversation I had with my siblings.The fact is that degrees don't guarantee success in life and it sucks knowing that individuals are judged by their grades and level of education rather than what they can do and the problems they can truly solve. I've met quite alot of college graduates from reputable schools who can't

These days, I idea of a degree especially in my country doesn't really gets me excited as it did a decade ago. I got hit by reality when I was offered $30 to teach with my degree from one of the most reputable universities in the country and ever since I quit the job, I didn't bother apply for jobs anymore since I had skills that paid way better than even most industries were willing to pay. Well you really can't blame these industries and companies, especially since everyone now holds a degree of some sort and if you don't take the job, someone else will gladly take it. So at some point I wished if only I had spent all that 5-6 years learning a set of skills instead, I'd probably be so outstanding at what I do and be sorted for rather than seek jobs.

Now here's my take on degrees and most likely what I'd do when I start raising my kids. It's probably something most parents didn't take seriously but alot of people know better now. I think degrees are good, they are a proof of formal education of the highest level and in a world where education is valued, having a degree could be helpful especially when some oppportuinities present themselves for example in fields like politics, medicine and law.

However, if I was to raise a child I would focus more on skills than formal education. Skills that would make them want people and see them as valuable assets, skills that would always place food on their tables and make them survive anywhere they found themselves. This is more important than degrees to me and I'd give all I have to make them master these skills. Having a degree, especially when it's related to a skill highly mastered is just an icing on the cake and the earlier people realise this, the better the world would be.

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