The Lion Report #1

In the ever evolving categorization of Leofinance, we have the most recent Lion Report. This charts where each level of holdings stand and the number of people who attained that classification.

We are dealing with a moving scale as things keep changing but we are doing our best.

To start, this report only deals with the amount of LEO that is actually on Hive, not including the Ethereum one. To start, that technically a separate token just like any other. Also, the wLEO that is in the pool is based upon Ethereum addresses, thus not all are tied to Hive. Finally, one's influence on Leofinance is unaffected by the holdings on Ethereum.

As a side note, for LBI holders, this too is a separate token and not reflected in any individual's holding. The LEO in @lbi-token is accounted for collectively.

Therefore, we will use both the Staked and Liquid Leo as the main components for classification.

According to the Tokenomics logo, we presently have 4,934,692.481 LEO.


The goal of this, from my perspective, is to see how much we influence we have on the platform, something that is denoted by categorization on Hive. It also shows the distribution of the tokens, something we are trying to mirror here.

Thus we start with the MVest rate from (The is the true level of what it takes to be a Minnow on Hive since it equal to 1 MV):


Next we determine the number of Hive outstanding as shown on


Dividing the Hive per MVest by the total supply we get a ratio of .000001247. We can use this as well as the ascending ratios to determine the amount of LEO required.

Here is what the categories look like with the LEO (on chain) held:


You will notice the numbers were changed down from what we used in the past for each level. That is because we now have the Liquidity Pool on Ethereum which pulled more than 1 Million LEO off chain.

There is also a change in the names. We went with feline to better represent our community. We also added two layers also to reflect our token distribution. For reference, Cat = Minnow on Hive and starts moving up from there.

Using the rich list from Leo Dex, here is what the chart looks like:


As we can see, a total of 6,309 accounts hold at least some LEO.

The key is, as always, what is the direction of the trend over time. We could look at past reports although that will give us little insight for a couple reasons. First, as mentioned wLEO pushed more than 1 million tokens off chain, effectively removing those from providing influence. The second is the introduction of LBI. This took 200K LEO from individual wallets and put them in one. So, from a distribution perspective it skewed things a bit from anything that took place before.

So there is the latest report. Let us know your thoughts on it. We will do our best to be consistent with the metrics but, with the way things change on Leo, that might be hard to do.

Finally, for those who do hold wLEO, if you want to get an idea of where you stand, simply add that to your total on chain and check this chart:


This was derived using the total about of LEO and wLEO on the tokeneconomics icon.

By the way, as a side note, with microblogging still be delayed, let us do a warm up for it. I will be bringing back @leomarkettalk which was tried last year and was a framework for the microblogging idea.

Each day I will make a blog post and everyone can join in and use it as a daily repository for different comments, thoughts, memes, links, and whatever else tickles your fancy. Let's get some "conversations" going on chain as well as providing each other with some interesting ideas.

With all those commenting these days, we should easily be able to get a few hundred comments etal in there a day. Make it fun and informative. Let us do our part to get the numbers up knowing that other people are starting to watch what is taking place on here very closely.

It will go up in the morning Eastern Time.

See you then.

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