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The last few weeks, a number of the members of the Leofinance started to focus some attention to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as a means of driving more traffic to the site.

For all the calls of marketing and other things, one of the best ways to grow a site is to get organic traffic flowing. This is easier on a site like Leofinance.io since it is user generated content. Hence, we can add a lot to the site which will help the rankings.

Over that time, @hitmeasap and @forexbrokr really stepped up with their suggestions, not only in article comments but also @leomarkettalk. This allowed many of us to gain a few pointers of ways to better optimize our articles.

Ultimately, this is going require the participation of the entire community. We are going to need many people doing the little things that add up over time. This is not a quick fix or overnight technique. However, over time, if a lot of organic traffic can be driven, that would put #Leofinance.io further ahead.

Key Word Searches

One of the most important aspects to all this is the need to rank in key words. Here we see the long tail theory at work.


The premise here is that the left hand side is where the "gold" is. If you can rank there, all is golden. Of course, that is the most difficult.

For example, this is where we will see words such as **Bitcoin"", Tesla, and JPMorgan reside. This is not something that is going to drive traffic to Leofinance for a long time.

This is where most of the searches take place. This is why it is golden. More people are looking for the words just highlighted so those sites that rank with those key words will get the traffic.

As we move to the far right, those key words that do not get a lot of searches. That said, there is also a lot less sites ranking there so it is easier to rank. This means that while the number of searches are lower, it will drive some traffic for anyone appearing there.

In other words, the right hand part of the chart is niche content. Instead of general terms like Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency we might see something like "the best DeFi platforms to stake stablecoins" appear there.

The goal over time is twofold:

  • Rank with more key words
  • Move further to the left with the key words ranking

Obviously both take a lot of work, many articles, and consistency. Since it is hard to know what will end up ranking, the more diverse the community posting, the greater the expansion of key words. Over time, with targeted effort, a community can improve the key words that are ranked.

Leofinance Key Word Results

This is something that we focused upon during the last 3 weeks. Thus, we are relatively new to the process, seeking to improve each week.

How are we doing so far? Since we are in the preliminary stages, we have to look at this from the most basic level.

Fortunately, @hitmeasap is doing a weekly report that details The Keywords That Brings Most Organic Traffic To LeoFinance.io. This one links to the 3rd post in the series.

Here are the first two for those who are interested:

The Keywords That Brings Most Organic Traffic To LeoFinance.io

The Keywords That Brings Most Organic Traffic To LeoFinance.io (Week #2)

The point that caught my attention in this report is how Leofinance.io is doing with the key word search. While the article details what drives the most traffic, from a numbers standpoint, how many key words does this site appear on.

By going through the previous reports we see this:

  • 378 Week 1
  • 435 Week 2
  • 513 Week 3

What this is telling us, there are 513 key words which Leofinance.io ranks and drive traffic. Obviously, this is right hand part of the tail stuff, so it is not a ton of traffic. Nevertheless, we are seeing the site rank.

Each week the numbers grow. This is the goal for now. Obviously, there is a point where it is not really possible to add too many more to the pile. However, it is a big step forward to get a lot more ranking.

After that, we need to solidify those key words by working with each other. We will have that covered in another post.

Twitter Army

We need to make a quick note about the Twitter Army.

Leofinance.io needs all the traffic it can get. The key is to keep building. All that is done adds up and stacks upon itself. If we can keep driving more people to the site, regardless of the source, it will add to what we are doing.

One area that we have a good deal of focus is Twitter. There is a social media button bar on the bottom of each post. We need to use this, especially the one for Twitter. This is where we can really make a difference.

If we send out a number of posts each day to Twitter, the people on there can retweet and upvote them. Again, none of this on its own is going to magically change the ranking of Leofinance.io. However, it does add up and show up on the search engine crawlers.

Each link is helpful. We need a concerted effort by a lot of people to make this work.

Most reading these words are holding LEO in their wallets. If we can drive more traffic to Leofinance.io, it will only enhance the value of our holdings.

Thus, we all have to be active. We each have a part to play in this.

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