Deeper into the Hive

Today I wrote a post about passive earnings, but what it was actually about was active investing to improve our well-being in this world for all of us who live and will live within it. I see that the real benefit of being able to invest isn't about getting a passive ROI on capital, it is about having a voice in the direction that development, and therefore life, takes.

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A little over a year ago, we saw this in action, where someone invested into a blockchain community and then proceeded to destroy it, through a series of highly erratic words and actions, to the point that it became a hostile takeover. The affected community responded and it divided along a pretty clear line of ethical social consideration and a few weeks later, the blockchain forked and Hive began its journey forward.

While there are many sides to this story, from an investment perspective, it shows what it means to actively invest for an outcome, not just a passive return. On one side, a power hungry individual invested to take control, on the other side, many community-centered investors invested themselves to stay free. This story is far more significant than many give it credit, as it is a precursor demonstration as to what a global community can and is willing to do, when an authority tries to exert dominance and control over it.

Similarly, a Reddit community showed what is possible for an active community of investors to do to the markets, causing turmoil and panic among the seasoned authorities and proving to the world that individuals do have collective power.

The world of economics is changing rapidly, as we are not only able to organize ourselves, but we are able to invest ourselves into what we build for ourselves, which is infrastructure, products and services that we own, with the value it generates flowing back to us. This is early days, but we are heading toward an economy of inclusion and exclusion, where those excluded are the ones that are unwilling to participate with the best interest of the community at least partly in mind.

As I see it, the foundation for the massive wealth of the future is being generated by us now and while we could benefit enormously personally, it is only going to be a tiny sliver in comparison to what is to follow. All of us are potential investors in building that foundation, even if not all of us use our potential.


At the time of the fork, my account had about 70,000 HIVE in it and wasn't worth that much. Today, it has over 200,000 in it and for the first time since the peak of the bullrun of 2017, it crossed the mark for 100 thousand dollars in value. I have 10x more tokens than I did then, but it is not a bad day for a unit bias anniversary point. But, more important than the value, is what this represents in the development of that foundation for the future - a very average person who struggles often with financial burden, taking risks to participate in building everything that is to come.

If our children are able to live globally with opportunity, it is going to be in part because of what we are doing here. I don't mean my daughter alone because I benefitted as an early adopter, I mean all children who will benefit from what is being developed now, in the same way that generations in the past have been able to build for generations for the future. What we are creating at the moment in terms of economic evolution, is currently the single most important thing happening in the world and will likely increase in importance over the coming decade, until it is integrated so completely into society, that people feel it has always been.

Yes, many of us in crypto today are likely to end up well off, but I think that we have to each remember why this is so important, so that we do not return to the habits of old and rebuild a system that is designed to crush the majority until failure. We have to do better, we have to break the cycle, because the cycle holds us back from expanding our reach into potential and generating even more value through activity that makes our lives better. Not just because we can afford nicer things, but because we can take ownership of our lives and walk down the streets that we have helped build, feeling connected to our world again.

All of what we do has to have more meaning to us than monetary gains alone, because in time, that gets not only boring, but also harmful, lowering our own quality of life, as we live in an a degrading society - just like we are now. But, once we attach our gains to what actually adds value, we essentially get the best of both worlds, one where we are actively earning on improvement activities.

I find it interesting that I still hear people comparing Hive to Steem, citing price as an indicator of value - it really is meaningless used in this context, as it is the thinking of the old world, where value is indicated by monetary consideration, not activity. In the future, the projects will have to deliver far more than money to investors in order to be attractive, as all the types of "money" itself, will only have value when where and how it is used has practical value to the community it serves.

What I love about Hive is that I can participate in the process of economic revolution, through my activities and my investment, whilst building relationships with people from all over the world to grow a community that will form the foundation for the economy of the future and having fun along the way. Not everything is going to be built on Hive of course, we are just an important piece of the puzzle.

One year has flown past and at the same time, I might have aged a lifetime. But at least, I feel that what I am doing is important to me now and for others in the future to come.

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