How Much Time Spend Engaging? ⏳ Tracked It For Seven Days

A few weeks ago @jeanlucsr asked the question, how much time one spends engaging in communities and I've estimated more than 60 minutes, but wasn't too sure about the time, so I decided to track the time spend on connecting on Hive for seven (7) days.



As the communities and community building are the backbone of the Hive blockchain, it's necessary to also (actively) take part in it. To understand the concept of a community I tried to find a definition online and what I've found were (mostly) definitions focused on groups of people who share a geographical location, which don't take virtual communities into account. The one that came close to what I find fitting to the blockchain community is:

A community is said to exist when interaction between individuals has the purpose of meeting individual needs and obtaining group goals…a limited geographical area is another feature…the features of social interaction, structures for the gratification of physical, social and physical needs, and limited geographical area are basic to the definitions of community.” (Sussman, in Bell and Newby, pp. 29 and 30).

Although the people in the Hive space are from all over and not in a particular pinpointed location, the part about individuals interacting and working together to meet the needs of individual - and group goals is what I recognize happening here in an online space. Everyone who's on Hive is here for personal reasons, but some to most are doing it in groups who share same interests, goals, values, etc. and to built a community engagement and communication are vital. Now my question is "how much time am I willing to spend in community building?"

To know the answer I tracked my time engaging, by writing down the time I started and when I stopped and did this for seven days. Per my calculations I've interacted 715 minutes in seven days, which is approximately 102,142 minutes (1,70 hours) per day. Some days I communicated multiple times and other days only one time. One day I commented twice, but forgot to note the time I stopped, so this is still an estimate. Also, my internet speed's not the best and sometimes I'm also playing Rising Star or listening to a vlog or music shared on the blockchain.

But now that I'm able to put a number down of my time spent interacting, I could decide if I want to set it to a higher number. What's your number and do you succeed in reaching your set number? I'm also now wondering if I should track it for a month (30 days) or if I should track my time writing a post. I do know I should reduce the time writing 🙈; I think too much and should be more efficient with my time planning, writing and creating. We'll see 😊.

Chasse into the backstage! 💃

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