Autonomy And Entrepreneurship

Autonomy is something that the global collective are gradually getting aware of, such as why it is important to have autonomy and what it means to not have it. I think it's becoming more evident that there are not-so-good actors at play whose aim is to interfere with the autonomy of individuals.

Autonomy is the power to act according to one’s own will, without being constrained or swayed by external forces or influences.

Entrepreneurship is the process of creating and running a business venture, with the aim of solving a problem or fulfilling a need in the market.

Both autonomy and entrepreneurship are expressions of human creativity and freedom, as they allow individuals to pursue their own passions and visions, and to shape their own destinies.

Naturally, there isn't neccesarily a connection between these two words like parallel lines that never meet, but I do think that they're intertwined.

In a sense that, autonomy enables entrepreneurship, through providing the confidence and flexibility to take risks and innovate, which are a key part of that domain.

And entrepreneurship enhances autonomy, as it generates income, independence, and impact, which helps bring more autonomy to the table.

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The Age Of Technology

Anyone can become an entrepreneur in this technological age we live in, the knowledge and tools needed to get started are readily available. But just because we can, doesn't necessarily mean we will. Since there's a huge gap between potential and actuality.

Part of the gap is a challenge that aspiring entrepreneurs face, which is the lack of autonomy in their current situations. For example, they may be stuck in a job that does not align with their values, goals, or interests and this has a way of limiting their choices or direction.

Sometimes, they may also face pressure from family, friends, or society to conform to a certain path. This was the case for me, as my parents wanted me to tread the traditional path of their time. Which I think is gradually fading away, because it is becoming less relevant or feasible nowadays.

Now, technology has generally made life easier, both on the surface and in the depths. And this has us gradually develop the impression that things should always be handed to us on a silver plate. Why struggle or work hard for anything?

When it comes to autonomy, it is not something that is given or even taken away by others. Rather, it is something that we can cultivate within ourselves, by making conscious choices and taking responsibility for our actions.

An example could be working at a corporation or as a freelancer, autonomy can happen in both situations if/when one makes the conscious choice of cultivating it.

However, it will be much easier as a freelancer given the greater flexibility to do things in one's own way.

From a mental viewpoint, autonomy is just a mindset that empowers us to act according to our own will, regardless of the external circumstances or expectations. And entrepreneurship is a great way to cultivate that mindset.

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In Closing

Technology has made entrepreneurship more possible and desirable than ever before, but it also requires a certain mindset and attitude to succeed.

Since autonomy is not something that we can expect or demand from others, but something that we develop and practice within ourselves.

By choosing to be entrepreneurs, we are also choosing to be autonomous, developing our own will to follow our own vision and interests. Thereby, creating value for ourselves and others along the way.

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