Moving a little crypto profits into some precious metal 🗠

With crypto returning profits at the moment its easy to just hodl or funnel some profits from one coin into another and I have done a bit of this.

I also stack silver and though the prices are a bit nutty at the moment I still like to add that physical silver to my investment portfolio and I get no better satisfaction than turning some crypto profits into physical metal, like this coin I picked up the other day.


This is the second in the Vivat Humanities series minted for the island of Tokalu by the Pressburg Mint, located in the Slovak capital Bratislava (Pressburg).


Vivat Humanities translates to long live humanity and this fourth release celebrates the universal language of music.

There were just 30,000 of these minted and I already see them on ebay for 50% more than the price I paid at JM Bullion a couple of weeks ago

Just a reminder, most of the big online precious metals dealers do take crypto so if you are looking to diversify, you know what to do ;)

Have a great day!