Luna crashed, whole crypto market is going to be crashed 🤐

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Luna Crashed

Let me tell you about the Luna coin , which has been completely crashed within 2 days it chased from 100$ to 0.003$ which is unbearable for any Luna holder 😭

People are in full of depression, frustration and are mentally exhausted because of this big big crash.
I heard, alot of people committed suicide due to the current situation of the Luna market.

As all you know that, greed is a curse, so we all people wanted to get rich over a night, but you have to keep in mind that invest only a specific amount of money that you can bear to lose, it's a risky game, you Always keep in mind to lose that you are going to invest. I wanted to invest When i see the ups and downs in his prices but I didn't do that.

Crypto maket is completely crashed due to current situation. I hope Luna will be again up to the people's expectations as a lot of people sold their houses, cars and other households to become rich.

I wish the soon recovery of Luna so that the depression and frustration of the people get decreased and live theirs lives with happiness

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