Share project news on 03/04/2021 : stopped trading Hive, started investing in Sorare , evaluating staking ASH coins.

Hello, hello, dear Hiveans! First of all this post was written to all existent SHARE project investors who missed my latest announcement in discord and telegram groups but can be interesting for all who likes passive income:) Let's get down to business!

Trading HIVE (in SHARE project) is stopped



I see you still hold SHARE tokens, but no more trading HIVE. I want to return your money! So please, send your SHARE back to @hivetrader (it would be great if you notify me about it), and I will swap them back to Hive tokens.

The reason why I decided so is that HIVE wants to the Moon while technically it is very overbought. And this cause unpredictable price behaviour. Selling hive becomes dangerous and without it I just can't give you more hives.

Here is current situation on the chart. And most probable scenario is going down (I assume to 0.50 USD ) level. But HIVE has so many good news that I won't be surprised if it retest 1.00 USD zone.

So, the best thing one can do in such situation is stop trading and just accumulate hives.

Investing in Sorare

This is our new direction that we started in April. We managed to gather 2.668 ETH , formed our team

mostly from Asians, because they have most number of games this month and sent them to the first in this month Global All start Div4 tournament (2 - 6 April). So far they managed to get 112.4 pts while 205 is minimum for the reward. Unfortunately our second forward - Marcos Junior did not play for some reason. And we have only one game left (on 6th of April, 1:00 PM). Will the two players - goalkeeper Kim Jin Hyeon and middlefielder Hiroshi Kiyotake be able to get 92.6 points? This is a question we eager to know the answer:) Meanwhile, we do card trading. So, if we failed this time with reward, the income from trading will compensate this.

If it is interesting, you can check all our cards by this link - or our tournamnets results here

ASH coins staking

After the launch of mainnet of ASH coin I launched the node with POS mining. On April, 2nd the exchange of ASH tokens to ASH coins was completed. And since POS mining begins on next day after deposit, today (3rd of April) is the first day to monitor the result. So far, it look like we got the first 5 ASH (1 block). I think after the week there will be possible to do some predictions and decide what to do next)

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