Adamant Finance and Iron Finance Combine For Huge Returns

Sorry, I made the Polygold Video before this Adamant Finance / Iron Finance one. I knew this Iron/USDC pool was special but I didn't know it would grow like this. The price of Titan has gone wild with the demand for more Iron to get into the sable pools. Iron Finance already pushed past 1 billion in TVL Adamant should follow soon IMO. This is a longer video so use the timestamps to jump around. But make sure to watch these APYs could be life-changing. Please DYOR on both projects. As a small note, they just changed the UI before I posted showing APR on the site instead of APY.

00:03 Should Have Been In My Telegram
03:20 Iron Finance Background
04:40 Iron Finance Pools
05:45 How Iron Keeps $1 Peg
09:10 Adamant Finance APYs Some Over 15 Million
11:15 Adamant Protected from Flash Loan Attack?
12:35 Addy Vesting, Staking, or Locking
14:45 Vesting Example Claim Now Or Wait?
18:26 Token Price Reviews
21:55 Wrap Up

Iron Finance
Iron Finance Docs

Adamant Finance
Adamant Finance Docs
Adamant Discord

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