Stop Stop STOP... Breathe, Step Back & Switch The Logical Part Of Your Brain Back On.

Whoa! Things are crazy out there right now!!!

We all know just how long and brutal the last crypto winter lasted...

Jeez it felt like it was never gonna end. We all remember the crazy headlines and FUD circulating everywhere.


Bitcoin is dead - Investors finally 'catch on' that pseudo currency is a SCAM!

Crypto fad is finally over, thousands of investors count their losses and lick their wounds.

Retail investors flocking back to traditional wealth building strategies like stocks, shares and bonds.

Remember all those YouTube guys and economic forecasters suggesting we all start buying back in to gold and silver and that is great advice... In 2015. Anyone who has conducted significant research in to precious metals recently will know that it is a tricky proposition as we move forward and not the advice a savvy investor would follow.

In terms of a cataclysmic event, precious metals are probably the best unit of currency, however when you see disaster movies, there isn't exactly a safe trading market open for gold, silver or even diamond encrusted platinum is there?

It's a bit like saying that an umbrella is a safe bet for a monsoon and a rowboat is sufficient protection in a tsunami.

It's built on a faulty premise, yes an umbrella is useful in a rainstorm and a boat is a pretty handy thing to have at hand in a flood, they are simply not robust enough to deal with these specific scenarios though.

In years gone by we could claim that we simply didn't know any better but with the onset of the information age and ensuing digital age, we ran out of excuses to not be forearmed and forewarn those who are nearest and dearest to us.

Anything we could ever need to learn or to research is available at lightspeed with the simple touch of a button or the click of a mouse or the swoosh of a swipe.

We all have the potential to be literal experts in any field we choose or at-least garner enough knowledge to see us through to the culmination of any endeavour we set out for ourselves.


Surely you and I agree that to feign ignorance in this day and age is not a legitimate excuse for us? The majority of us spend so much time on devices that if we even spent a fraction of this time learning a useful, transferable skill or researching that side-hustle or project we have been interested in for so long we would leapfrog most of our peers with this minimal investment of time.

Always remember that as far as investments go, that is the ultimate one!

Time is way more valuable than money, we can always find clever, creative ways to get more money but I'm sorry, as far as scarce resources go, this innate truth can not be challenged, they ain't making any more time and I haven't noticed it for sale on ANY exchange.


What is the point of all this rambling on and inability to get to the crux of this post?

Oh I am so very glad you asked Dear reader, I'm about to get to the main premise of this missive. It's a message that MANY need to hear right now!

I am seeing so many people that I would regard as sensible and level-headed throwing themselves like a 'love smitten' fool at any investment that is pumping anywhere in the crypto-space.

I am talking to people in my daily life who have gotten in to crypto, this has shocked me because just a year or 2 ago nobody I encountered had any clue about it except that it is used by criminals on the dark web to fund every kind of nefarious practice imaginable...

Way to go mainstream media. The banksters that own you really did a number on you, didn't they?


I often wonder if these people have a long-term memory problem, do they believe that Satoshi Nakamoto invented crime too? I'm fairly certain it existed before 2009!

It's cool that I am meeting people who have some crypto-awareness and even a decent acuity for how blockchains work BUT it seems that recent pumps in the prices of any old crypto and people trying to resurrect long-dead, half baked, tin pot projects for profit are pre-empting a 'wealth diminishing event' for many.

It is beginning to feel like HYPE is the new religion on crypto forums, message-boards and from so-called crypto tipsters. Question many of these folks who have thrown good money at some incredibly sketchy projects about what they have invested in and they respond with a ticker symbol 🤦‍♂️

Bull market syndrome has well and truly 'kicked in!'

The main symptoms are feverish ramblings, obsession with 50x gains and complete inability to tell you what they have fired their money at, they only know it left their wallet at high velocity.

Folks it's a pandemic and no mask in the world is gonna help!

Which brings me nicely to where I came in, no not the delivery room, I mean my title for this post.

'Stop Stop STOP... Breathe, Step Back & Switch The Logical Part Of Your Brain Back On.'

Buying and trading crypto is just another form of investing, in many ways very similar to the type people have engaged in for decades, centuries for aristocrats and nobility.

We all know intrinsically that there are no guarantees. Those disclaimers of "This is not financial advice" get me so damn angry, every frikkin' one of us know that if we invest in something that someone told us about in person, in a blog or in a video on the topic we could win or lose or stay exactly the same in a flat market. We are not 5 years of age and none of us should EVER invest in something that we have absolutely no understanding of.

I'm not saying we need to read 50 whitepapers a day and study company accounts till 5am every day, but we need to be able to explain to someone why we parted with our hard earned cash, right?

After being patient for so, so long when things were not so hot ((that's a bloody understatement isn't it?)) we have a chance top leave the current market cycle with gains. We stand a decent chance of being able to hold some profit in a holding account so that next time a bull run comes along we are ready with a whole new education we have picked up in the favourable times we are in right now.


Remember those headlines I mentioned at the top of the post? Right now I am reading headlines at the absolute extreme of the scale:

The current bull-run will never end, crypto has staked it's claim once and for all.

Bitcoin set to continue all the way to 500,000

An unprecedented number of crypto billionaires will be created in the current bull run...

I could scream, it's like people have lost their minds, their shiz and all sense of logic... We all understand that 'market cycles' are a thing, right? We all understand that since any kind of organised market was created in any arena ever, recession followed expansion, followed recession, followed expansion foll... You get the point.

Now there is a caveat to be added here. The fiat system features a huge amount of manipulation, incentives to those who 'stack dem sick gains' run wild at the casino trading floor with other peoples money and pensions. Don't get me started on fractional reserve banking. Anyone old enough to remember sub-prime???

There's a whole host of terms and phrases that I could use that would remind you of some brutal and volatile times over the last few decades. The caveat I refer to is that yes, crypto and blockchain technology has take great strides to rectify many of these problems and build incorruptible systems with cutting edge technology.

However I don't think that market cycles will cease to exist, I think there will always be bulls and bears and boom and bust and of-course there will always be shady, sketchy, scummy, scammy projects that will leave somebody holding the bag!

Don't let it be you but more importantly (in a sense), try and educate your friends who tell you all about this 'sure fire thing' they have just gotten involved with.

The last thing we want when people are waking up to blockchains, crypto and DeFi is for them to bet the farm, lose it all and then go back out in to the world declaring how crypto is a scam.

That could set back the good work that is being done to educate people right now.

There are some stunning projects out there right now, especially in the DeFi sector. I am writing this post on @leofinance I don't have to tell you about the genre breaking projects that are being launched at what feels like an exponential rate by those guys right now.

We are privvy to all of the updates and new info surrounding them at every step of the way, we are spoon fed tutorials and simplified explanations and led by the hand through these alien processes (to many of us) so we know 100% that our belief is legitimate.

Hive is finally coming in to it's own and all of the work that has been put in by a community, witnesses and developers since we were alienated from our precious home is paying off massively. We understand that space intimately, we see the projects, Dapps and developments that build our faith and help us formulate a decision to in many cases, go 'all in'

If someone asked us why these are worthy investments we could explain in a compelling way and we would be able to explain clearly that we know exactly what we are 'getting in to'

Let's make sure that the next time the bear comes out of hibernation and the bull takes his place in the cave for a well deserved nap we are in a far more solid position than we were beforehand!

It feels right now that the future is slowing down and aligning with the belief and unwavering faith we have held on to resolutely for so long. Let's make the bloody most of it people 🚀👨‍🚀👩‍🚀🌕

Thank YOU for taking the time to read my post and if you're one of those amazing people who like to hit the comments section... Then I doubly thank YOU!

Either way I want you to know that you are appreciated!

Keep taking the time to connect with each-other both here and in the 'so-called' real world and try and look after each-other, because as you already know...

Together We're Just Better.png