Should STEMGeeks switch to linear curation?

Recently we reviewed how curators are doing on STEMGeeks and were blown away by how much APR they are pulling in. One curator is doing 195% APR with the others doing 30-60%.

This got me thinking about the recent change on LEO to linear curation. I am kind of on the fence about the change there are merits for both but I tend to prefer some sort of reverse auction but am open to the opinion of the community.

AccountSTEM Power7-Day Average CurationAPR

If you currently curate on STEMGeeks, what is your opinion? Do you prefer the current curation system or liner curation where everyone has a level playing field.

As I said before, I am open to either option. I would like to get some feedback from curators on which they would prefer.

STEMGeeks has few dedicated curators which presents good opportunity for others who want to get involved. The curation rewards are among the highest on Hive, if not the highest right now.