Have you notice today's Travala (AVA) ATH?

Before a long time ago i deal with a cryptocurrency called Travala (AVA).I deal with it when its price was 0.7$ .
The purpose of this crypto is very simple!It is a platform for hotel and accommodation booking all over the world.
It founded at 2017 and since then it has seen great growth and rise.
At this time it is trading at 5.17$ but as you can see today hits new ATH for 5.99$ per AVA and continues to grow and imagine that we are at the middle of covid-19 pandemic that all travels almost non-existent. Imagine what will be its price at June or August when tourism will be at its peak!!!
bandicam 20210330 215324698.jpg
bandicam 20210330 215401561.jpg

Another advantage offered by its website is that by buying ava tokens you can stack them and receive a monthly token as a reward and in addition some points, where one point is equal to $ 1, which you use for a discount on a trip.
Do not waste your time and check it out before its too late!!!

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