Preparation for the Chaos Legion

Hi everyone,

The first step from my strategy for the Chaos Legion presale is taking shape: SPS reached today the $1 level. I'm convinced it will stay high for the next thirty days, as demand is rising as more people will consume it for buying packs on discount.

My second step is almost completed: I have reached 9340 SPS staked, very close to my 10k target. This will give me a good number of vouchers for the presale, but not enough...

My desire is to buy 1000 Chaos packs during the presale, and for this I will need to buy vouchers from the open market. This is the third pillar in my strategy, and I start now to prepare for it.


Splinterlands marketcap is recovering from the correction of the last weeks, and it is just the right moment to list some of the cards I do not need in the game.

On my main account I have 8494 different cards, many of which are at level one. Reducing a bit this number will not impact me at all, and will put me in a position with more liquidity.

Focusing now on what I want to sell, I prepared a nice mixed of cards from various editions, and with different quality grades. Most of them are Level One, as this should be in high demand for the new players.

Cards from the Beta edition:

Cards from the Promo edition:

Cards from the Reward edition:

I listed the cards for the market price, and found that one of them sold-out even before I managed to write this post.

Enjoy, and have fun!

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