Crypto Personal Account: Targets for October 2021

Hi everyone,

First day of October, and the right moment for a status on my Personal Crypto Account, and to make new plans for another month:


After a boom in August, last month we had seen a bit of corrections all over the crypto markets. Reflected in my portfolio, the impact was as a negative 21.65%. This did not came to me as a shock, but more as an opportunity to reset on a solid ground.

Hive Power:

I increased my Hive Power by 354 HIVE. Yes, I had bigger plans, but I adjusted them on the fly after learning about the Chaos Legion presells strategy: I stopped selling SPS, and therefore I did not had access to enough Hive to reach my goal. I will keep the old target for October, despite the fact that I know it will not be achieved.


Actifit came with a surprising Token Sale event on Binance Smart Chain, looking for 2 million USD in founds. I did not had time to join the Early Bird promotion, and decided to keep accumulating by being active. On September my plans did not progressed. I wanted to climb the two highest peaks in my country (both above 2500 m), but work was so demanding that I had to cancel my plans.


At the beginning of September, my liquid crypto was at a dramatic level (only 2.47%), and therefore important to increase it by doing some sells of the unused Splinterlands cards. Today my liquidity level is close to 7, and still in focus.

SPS Stake:

When the month started, my plan was to stake up to 3000 SPS, and to sell the surplus to enable my other targets. The announcement with the presale of the Chaos Legion changed my plans, and as today I managed to stake 6500 SPS. My target now is to reach 10k SPS and save 4k SPS for the presale. Hopefully I will manage to acquire 1000 Chaos Packs, but chances are quite low, as demand is very high.

New Target of the Month:

As I believe we always need to challenge ourselves, I nice idea that I had some time ago was that every month I add a new personal target.

As I have strong believes in the need to bring more usecase to the HIVE blockchain, this month I would like to promote more the Actifit concept, and take part of their mission to bring the fitness industry to the chain.

And because I like to walk-my-talk, my decision is to improve by Actifit Rank and reach 70 by the end of the year. This will not be easy, and might require some additional invest, but it is double.

And? What about you?

Where do you stand with your objectives?

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