Key Hive Highlights - Made Me Proud

🥳 Merry Christmas! to all the #hivers. May the blessing of Satoshi light all of you! ✨

2021 was a good year for #hive. We have seen lots of leap and bounce. Those who made good profits in 2021 - be proud of yourself. Those who don't - sum up, brace yourself, and move on. At the end of the day, only experience matters!

Let’s recharge our batteries and get fully armed for 2022!


Coming back to writing about the #Hive highlights of 2021 which is kind of trending all over the #Hive network. I thought to timely pull up the shocks for the contest. All credit to @guiltyparties for this awesome contest I have many things to to highlights. But focusing one thing then I would especially like to mention how #Hive brought smile on my kids face? Let be honest, we are all here for money apart from the dashing communities. But making best of #Hive is when you put it in best use.

When the tides of life are against you, Hive stands by my side. The trust and faith that I had on the platform since 4 years, actually pays me off during Diwali. Thanks to #Hive price shooting up at right time that I encash few for #Diwali celebration for my family.


It was #Hive that illuminated my life with joy and happiness.

Apart from the smile, key highlights as far as the platform is concerned than reaching my personal goal of 15000 HP, which accomplished in 2021. It helped in more curation and supporting other user. Though, it is not reflecting that much now, as I withdrew some during the year...I am again inching closer to make it to the magic figure. And hopefully will accomplish it sooner or later.

There are many other things to Highlights , if I goes on writing, then it would be a never ending tale about #hive. But I mention something that is noticeable and making me proud of sticking with the platform so far.

Cheers to all of you! 🥂

Good Time yet to come....HODL !


Namaste @steemflow

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