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We’ve been working hard to finalize a roadmap for 2020. I have always kept internal roadmaps throughout the development of LeoFinance and the various apps that we've built, but after the release of Hivestats, a few community members pointed out that the community likes to see the roadmaps along with some expected release dates. It creates a fun game where people can speculate on the development and see if we can actually hit our targets.

I’ve said this so many times, so hopefully this will be the last - the Steem to Hive situation caused a lot of bumps in the road in terms of development for LeoFinance… but it also caused us to find a lot of new opportunities. Hivestats being one of the great things that emerged out of the fiasco.

With 2020 hindsight (pun intended), we’re now back on track with our other app development and our plans for the rest of 2020 are back on track and more extensive than they were prior to the launch of Hive.

We’re just over half way through the year and we’ve accomplished a great deal of things. Before jumping into the roadmap for the rest of the year, here is a short list of the things we’ve accomplished so far in 2020 as a community and project on the best blockchain in the world:

  1. Migration from Steem to Hive
  2. LeoDex V4
  3. LEO token economic improvements
  4. Hivestats.io Launch
  5. LeoPedia.io Launch
  6. Hivestats V2
  7. 1000 new Twitter followers (and growing exponentially each month)
  8. LeoFinance Witness Node Launch (currently rank #43)
  9. LEO Podcast Launched (with a steadily growing audience)
  10. Listed on State of The dApps and other dapp tracking sites
  11. Over a 3x jump in interface activity
  12. ~4x increase in ad revenue generated per month
  13. Emergence of community members who have evolved into community leaders
  14. Added open-format analytics so everyone can track the user growth of LeoFinance.io, Hivestats.io, LeoDex, LeoPedia.io
  15. 20,000 monthly visits on Hivestats
  16. Spreading out for greater awareness and onboarding: Reddit Community Page, Facebook Community Page, YouTube Channel, LinkedIn Page, Medium Page
  17. Extensive FAQ Page to help educate and onboard

There might be some stuff that we missed (especially many of the small details), but these are the major updates that stick out. It’s been a busy ~7 months this year, but it’s been a highly productive year so far.. and we’re just getting started. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger and Hive has made that statement more profound than ever when you look at our community and the broader ecosystem that is the Hive blockchain.

1 Year Anniversary

SteemLeo LeoFinance was launched on 7/3/2019. A few weeks ago, we sent out an airdrop to LEO stakeholders in the form of SPI tokens to celebrate the 1st birthday of the LeoFinance project.

The Rest of 2020

While the past 6 months have been both hectic and productive, I think of it as a warmup for the rest of 2020. In reviewing our plans with devs, curators and other community members, I feel a sense of excitement and overwhelm all at the same time. We’ve put a lot on our plate and now it’s time to dig in.

The LeoFinance interface and LeoDex V5 update are marked with actual release dates because those are already under development. Here's a note on the release schedule of the other roadmap items:

Note: there are several developers/team members working on different projects in this roadmap simultaneously. This is the order that I predict the developments will be completed, but the order is not set in stone. While the order of release is not set in stone, all of these will be released before the end of 2020.

1). New LeoFinance Interface (Initial Release: July 30th)

We briefly mentioned this 10 days ago as we were finalizing the development roadmap for our new Hive-based LeoFinance.io interface. If you haven't heard yet, we're building a new blogging interface for Hive from the ground up. The interface will be far superior to the current one and will allow us to more easily develop additional features (since we will no longer have to deal with the spaghetti code that is condenser).

Iteration 1 was to design the entire V1 of what we're building. The design was extensive and took a lot of back and forth but I am really happy with how the overall framework looks. In the version 1 release, I believe that this will be one of the best Hive interfaces out there.

I've often said that one of our major hurtles to growth both on Hive and outside of Hive is the fact that our current UI is something that community members settle for in order to support the community rather than something that they actually want to use. Let's face it: nobody wants to use condenser. We use this interface because it's the best way to support the community.

With the brand new LeoFinance.io, we'll deliver an experience that people actually desire... not just something that they settle for in support of LEO.

Iteration #2 is our current step in the overall roadmap. When iteration #2 is complete, we'll be able to see the actual framework coming into fruition. It won't be a fully formed interface until we complete iteration #5, but we will likely open up the website for beta testers starting at the end of iteration #2.

The expected completion date for iteration #2 is around July 30th. We're planning a post that will announce an open format to use the new site, discover bugs, report those bugs to us and then earn some LEO for helping us work out the kinks.

2). LeoDex V5 (Full Release: August 6th)

We just finalized the development plans for LeoDex V5 a few days ago. The expected release date of the 5th version of our Hive-based exchange interface is around August 6th.

LeoDex V5 will feature:

  1. Dark Mode
  2. Autofill Username (for staking tokens, etc.)
  3. A Comprehensive Market Search Module
  4. Volume Chart (in addition to the current candle chart and depth chart options)
  5. Multi-Order Cancel
  6. Login With HiveSigner (one of the most requested features by our community)
  7. Sticky Header, Footer and Better Balance Displays
  8. User History for Tokens
  9. Market Orders (place trades that automatically fill at market price rather than setting default limit orders)

3). Hivestats V3 (Release Date: TBD)

The roadmap of changes for Hivestats V3 is ready (barring some last minute changes as we get more feedback in the coming weeks). We'll likely begin actual development after the initial release of LeoFinance.io.

  1. Add a Dark Mode Option
    1. Toggle to switch between dark mode and light mode
  2. Page Performance
    1. reduce asset size: js / css / images, review packages such as steem.js / dsteem, etc.
    2. load history data incrementally with a smaller step
    3. improve caching of historical data
  3. Optimize for Mobile
    1. Website is currently "mobile-friendly" but not mobile-optimized
    2. Better data visualization (mobile tables, etc.)
    3. Mobile menu
  4. Hive data backend
    1. Explore existing API solutions or create our own backend database solution (will reduce page load and enhance data availability)
  5. Improved "Loading..." status indicator
    1. Add a better indication for the user when data is loading from the chain
  6. Small UI bug fixes
    1. Profile bug (showing incorrect profile data for certain users/broken profile img)
  7. HiveSigner

4). LeoFi Protocol (V1) (Release Date: TBD)

A mirror of some popular DeFi protocols that are out there. Details will be released as we get closer to actual development.

5). LeoShop Relaunch (V2) (Release Date: TBD)

Bringing back the LeoShop (which was built for Steem and needs to be migrated to Hive) along with some necessary changes to make the shop function better and target a userbase outside of Hive.

6). Hivestats V4 (Release Date: TBD)

Details will be released as we get closer to actual development.

7). LeoDex V6 (Release Date: TBD)

Details will be released as we get closer to actual development.

8). LeoFi Protocol (V2) (Release Date: TBD)

Details will be released as we get closer to actual development.

9). New Hive-Based App (Classified)

Top secret. We'll probably just throw this one out into the world one day before the end of this year and surprise the hell out of everyone. Should be fun and incredibly useful for anyone using Hive regularly 😎


There are a bunch of smaller changes, updates and initiatives that we work on regularly. You see those in the day-to-day operations of LeoFinance as we push out content on other platforms, work to increase our LeoAds program, onboard new users, etc.

One of these miscellaneous initatives that I'm excited about is paid advertising on other social platforms. We've done a few tests and will push the gas pedal once we've released a stable version of the new LeoFinance.io. The goal will be bringing in new readers, newsletter signups (emails to hook people on Leo content), onboarding finance authors into Hive accounts, etc.

As I said, 2020 has been a busy year but it has just been a warmup for what's to come for the rest of this year and for the years to come. Our pace of growth is on a steep upward curve thanks to more resources, team members and most importantly; community support. As we make progress on this 2020 roadmap, we'll release additional updates and more details on upcoming projects.

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