Introducing LeoDex V4 | Vote Weight Multipliers, Richlists, USD Price Feed & Visual Upgrades

Introducing LeoDex V4 | Vote Weight Multipliers, Richlists, USD Price Feed & Visual Upgrades.png

Last week, we finally got LeoDex up and running for Hive-Engine (

We made a few small changes along the way and then added some new features and visual elements to LeoDex for the V4 update.

I asked around on Discord and Twitter looking for some suggestions and features that the community wanted for their Hive-Engine token experience and we landed upon 2 major features for this version of the interface — Vote Weight Multipliers and Richlists.


  • Visual updates to the navbar and rest of the Dex
  • Added Richlists pages for all tokens (accessible from the Tokens/Wallet pages)
  • Added Voting Power bars as well as a feature to set a vote weight multiplier for various tribe tokens to the Rewards page
  • Updated the price feeds to display USD values in terms of the HIVE base token price

Visual Updates + Cloudflare

We made some small visual enhancements to the site both to the navbar and to a few of the other pages on the LeoDex. These are not really going to change the way you use the LeoDex, but will hopefully make the user experience more enjoyable.

We also moved (and with it, to Cloudflare which should give us a little speed boost and better uptime as well.


Richlists have been a long-requested feature of the Dex. We used to have easy access to them for SE tokens via other websites but after the move to HE, people started asking around for an easy and nice-looking interface.

Now you can access richlists directly from the “Tokens” page and the “Wallet” page on by clicking the “Richlist” button:

Vote Weight Multipliers

Many users loved the Vote Weight Multipliers and Voting Power bars that were on the Economicstudio website for SE tokens.

After a few requests for this feature, we decided to update our “Rewards” page to include voting power bars and a button for setting up vote weight multipliers alongside the reward claiming features.

Updated Price Feed

This is a simple change and one that many people might not even notice. The LeoDex was previously using the STEEM USD price feed but now we have integrated the HIVE USD price feed which allows balances/token prices to be viewed properly in terms of their current USD value.

Future Updates & A New Website Coming to the LeoFinance Portfolio

We’re always looking for ways to improve the UI/UX of the LeoDex so that it’s the fastest, easiest and most feature-rich platform for Hive-Based token management and trading. If there are any features you want to see added to the LeoDex, feel free to drop them down below or shoot them over to us in the Leo Discord Server.

With all of the crazy Hive migration stuff going on, we’ve been working hard to get a lot of the old features/websites up to spec. There’s still a lot of work to do, but we have definitely made significant progress in moving to Hive.

As per usual, we’ve got something else up our sleeves and are getting ready to launch a new website application for the Hive blockchain.

It goes beyond Hive-Engine and the LEO Token and instead aims to make your user experience of the entire Hive blockchain a lot better. I personally think we’ll see a massive influx of Hive users flood this new website as a daily staple in their Hive routine and it’s something that could have a massive impact on the LeoAds program. Stay tuned and Hive on!

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