Development Update | Page Speed, UI Tweaks and V2 Rollouts


Just about 2 weeks ago we launched the app for the Hive blockchain. This initial release was our very basic structure for the site — a minimum viable product that allows us to freely add/modify anything on top of the base layer. In this update, we'll talk about the latest release of the site and share our V2 roadmap.


  1. Performance updates just went live to address prior page loading speed issues
  2. A few minor UI tweaks have been released
  3. Full V2 roadmap
  4. Hive-Engine analytics integration to be rolled out early next week
  5. Feedback always welcomed - feedback on the V1 release is what identified a lot of the performance issues. We're always looking for more feedback to improve the UI/UX of, especially as we continually rollout new features

The initial release of Hivestats had a few performance issues. Mainly caused by an excessive load on the browser which caused some lag/freezing issues.

They weren’t fatal errors and could be fixed with a simple refresh of the page every once and a while. Still, having a slow web app is one of the most annoying things and that’s why rolling out performance upgrades has been our top priority.

We have been working on a few ideas for increasing the page speed and decreasing the browser load. Our temporary solution has just been rolled out in today’s update of the site where we removed the delegation data.

Removing the delegation data and making a few small changes to Hivestats allowed us to cut down the page load by ~2-4x in most cases. I have been playing around with different data sets and clicking around the site to test out the prior freezing issues and haven’t encountered any since the update.

Hopefully these small performance updates make the Hivestats experience far superior than the initial version we launched with.

V2 Roadmap & Rolling Out Updates As We Go

As I said, Performance was the #1 issue that we focused on out of the full roadmap for V2. We’re now working on a few more ideas for performance enhancements while getting started on part 2 of the roadmap.

Finalized V2 Roadmap:

In the initial post announcing Hivestats, we mentioned V2 briefly. Since then, we have finalized the roadmap and as of today have completed our first objective which was to reduce the Page Load and improve the overall Page Performance. We’ve now started work on #2 (Hive-Engine Integration).

Here’s the finalized roadmap for the V2 update to Hivestats. As we complete various milestones on this list, we’ll roll out new features accordingly:

  1. Page Performance
    1. Reduce Page Load ✅
    2. Explore Other Performance Enhancements
  2. Hive-Engine Integration (ETA: early next week)
    1. Token Table
    2. Token Functions
    3. Token Operations Tab
  3. Wallet UI
    1. Hive Keychain Integration
    2. Hive/HBD Real-Time Price Widgets
    3. Account Creation Features - Ability to Create & Claim Hive Accounts On Hivestats
  4. Analytics Page
    1. 7-30 Day Account Performance (Author Rewards/Curation Rewards/Account Growth, etc.)
    2. 4 KPI Widgets
    3. Historical Charts
  5. Pending Payouts Tab
    1. Author Rewards for Posts & Comments
    2. Vote Breakdown Charts
    3. Curation Rewards: Sortable Chart With Efficiency Displays


We’re always open to suggestions and want as much feedback as possible. The feedback about page performance was essential in moving forward with V2 - shoutout to everyone who tested the site and reported the page performance issues. Hopefully those have been resolved for the most part and you continue to see faster and faster load times as we explore other enhancements.

Feel free to drop a suggestion down below or via discord. If we see something that would be a good fit to add/change to the site, we’ll add it in to the roadmap for future updates.

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