Money makes money


It's a well-known phrase, isn't it? It's so right, but how do you feel it when there's no money? Or is it such a small amount that it just can't do anything? It takes half a lifetime, which many of us don't have anymore...

I was lucky in my life with my parents. No, they weren't from rich families, but they knew how to economize and save. Maybe it's passed down by blood, or maybe it's an acquired pattern of behavior, but I learned how to economize and save since childhood. You know, coin to coin, dollar to dollar. It has helped me out more than once in my life. It still helps me now...

But also my parents never invested or had their own business. And that was already bad. That's been in my blood since I was a kid, too. Judging from my own brother, it's in his blood too... I learned pretty late in life that money makes money. By then, all my savings had been eaten up by my state and family affairs. My significant other didn't seem to understand the word budget and such at all. 😅

Blood is not water

But that's all half the trouble. If you know the principles and accept the risks, you can invest or start your own business with other people's money or your family's money. You know, the very savings that are under your parents' mattress... But only when you fully and consciously accept the risks. I didn't. Blood is not water...


Fear! Wild fear of being left without my last couple of dollars and ending up on the street. With no family, no child, no food. Yes, the imagination paints the most terrible pictures under the influence of fear. And there's no getting away from it, because your parents kept repeating it to you every chance they got. And on the other side of the scale is the gradual accumulation of money that will allow you to buy a car for retirement. Or a new couch by the end of this year. Not great either, but the whole time I'll be stable and warm. Stably fucked, I'd say, but at least it's not scary that way...

The vicious circle

Years went by, nothing changed, stability faded with each year of inflation in my country. I leave for another country, on another salary, to stop the fear from reappearing. I manage to do this for a short time, but there I see the same inflation, the same schemes and the same people. One could say that I saw the future. I realize now that I did. Everything I saw came true.

But even here I didn't get the feeling that I was doing something wrong. I got some of my savings back. And... I let it go again when things got really bad. In between, money made money. Not much, but I had learned how to invest. But 10% in the bank in the currency of a country whose inflation was at least 10%. I knew about investing, but I didn't understand inflation...

All this way I was waiting for a certain weighty amount of money to start my own business or consider other types of passive income earnings. The right amount didn't show up. Most likely it was just an excuse to do nothing...

It was definitely an excuse!


Fear will find reasons to do nothing. With any money and at any time. Just trust me on this. As long as fear holds your hand, money doesn't make money. Seeing the obvious opportunities is almost impossible while your knees are shaking. There are different ways to overcome this feeling. Not a one-size-fits-all approach will work for everyone. We were born and grew up at different times in different places. We are different...

I like one theory. To stop being afraid, you have to lose everything! Preferably even several times. It's not likely to work for the elderly. But I would recommend this method to the young. In addition to the fact that the fear of the next mistake disappears, invaluable experience is gained. Work on yourself, work with money, and work with fear. On the way out is a different person who knows how to make money. But it's not certain. But it's definitely better than my story...


Over the past year, I've seen hundreds of young people who made their first capital in crypto. The kind of money I wouldn't have dreamed of a year ago has become a reality for thousands today. My successes have been modest. I was still going with fear, so I was earning slowly, losing a lot. Then the time came when there was nothing left to lose. No, it was not total bankruptcy, but very close. And since I was far from young, it was tantamount to losing everything. And more than once. Consciousness changes in times like these very quickly and very strongly...

Even now, people are making good money in the bloody crypto markets. While we were all watching LUNA fall, several hundred traders were doing their thing. One of them made $20,000 out of $200. Not a lot of money, but he was ready for it. And he didn't shy away from losing just $200 at the right moment...

There's always money. Even when it seems like there isn't any. And that's when money makes money... No other way.

It's easier than ever to move your assets from fiat to crypto and back again. From one coin to another. Already it can make money if you watch closely what happens. Regularities happen all the time. You don't even have to be a trader. In fact, my brother and I made our first money in crypto precisely on patterns and repeating events. Blood is not water... We really saw the future together.


Right now, Hive has HBD. HBD yields 20% per annum. Hive's exchange rate is riding a roller coaster, just like Bitcoin. Buy Hive at the bottom for HBD and sell when Hive rises. Like right now. The rest of the time, keep HBD at 20%. This is a primitive example, not ideal, may lead to a lost profit or a loss of some money. But it's the only way money learns to make money. It's the only way fear goes away. Right here, right now. Right here, in Hive.

As with the entire crypto field, we have more and more opportunities to invest, trade, make money, and build our businesses without leaving Hive. Starting with your own brand, to selling your own products around the world. You don't need to know much or work 24/7 to do it. You just have to want it, and the opportunities will come.... There are more opportunities every day. Right here, right now! Hive!


Money makes money. Even if there is no money.

Fear is no one's friend. There are many ways to take fear, it's important to find your own.

There are always opportunities. Just be ready for them.

Blood is not water, but it's not a sentence. Everyone can change. People change if they want to.

Crypto is the future. If you're here, you're in the right place!

Remember this! Peace!

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