Crowdlending #2 – Summary of July 2021

Warning: This is not an investment advice. We will never repeat it enough: Only invest the money you are willing to lose.

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Hello everyone,

We meet again today for the first monthly crowdlending recap article. To know more about what is crowdlending:

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On July 6, 2020, I invested my first 50€ on Mintos. So it's been 1 year since I registered on the platform and I reached an important goal this month. We'll talk about it right after

Summary of July 2021

The situation on Mintos remains stable. The High-Yield strategy is working well and keeps my money reinvested with an estimated rate of return of 10.82% according to Mintos.
For Robo.Cash, I received my first interest this month with the repayment of the late loan among other things.

Evolution of the total balance

Evolution of interests

I invested 100€ on Robo.Cash this month. So my monthly investment goal is still on track.
I received 13.58€ of interest. The amount is stable compared to last month (13.83€).
A new step is reached on Mintos, I reached the 50€ of interests since the beginning !
For Robo.Cash, I received 1.39€ this month. The money is starting to come in.

IRR as of August 1, 2021

Mintos' IRR exceeded 11%, again and again thanks to the repayment of delays. Delays are down to 13.9% from 19.9% last month.
WiSeed's IRR is back below 3% as I only get reimbursed every 3 months.
The global IRR is up to 6.50% from 6.43% at the beginning of July

Balances as of August 1, 2021

The total balance of my portfolios is 2432.01€ of which 2280.10€ is invested.

Return on investment by portfolio

My global return on investment is 6.74%.

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