This ERC20 is making new all time highs and might just be getting started!

Some were thinking since this coin was 2020’s best performing crypto, that 2021 won’t show any big gains. One thing the price chart does not show is a 30%-100% input of new coins in November given to those who had their coins locked up. But even though there was a “stock split” type of event, the coins’ price just made a new all time high.

That coin, is HEX. Hex has been trading sideways and was due for a pump, but that is only the tip of the iceberg.

I will do a post talking about it, but the main reason HEX will be pushing up is for the launch of Pulsechain.

A few buzz words you can look into on your own before I make my post are: Pulsechain, sacrifice phase, forking ethereum system state, price rise vs liquidity size.

Why should anyone in leo care, why should any LEO whale care? An ethereum system state fork not only forks the ether token but ALL ERC20 tokens. Which means, any WLEO you have will be immediately available on Pulsechain (probably not though, I haven’t dug deep into wrapped Leo so maybe a centralized entity needs to “unlock” or allow operations to occur on Pulse) This might renew activity on the ethereum side of the Leo path since currently fees are keeping WLEO moving slow, low to no fees on pulse can free all restraints.

Looking forward to learn more about Pulsechain and to share.