CUB finance update for both SPI and LBI token holders

Hello, hello. Today im dropping a short post to both SPI and LBI tokens holders. This post was uploaded via @spinvest and reHIVED from the @lbi-token. I will do a CUB finance post from @lbi-token after we get the airdrop and have something to write about.


Let's jump straight into it. Im not going to explain anything about CUB finance, it's a farming website on the BCS chain, it works the same as many other farms and by now im sure you have already checked the site out for yourself.

SPI tokens holders

  • 5 ETH staked in the ETH den contract. All CUB earned from this is being staked in the CUB den.
  • @jk-leo got us in the CUB/BNB LP to the value of around 1.32 BNB. He is holding around 0.4 BNB that he will use to top the LP as CUB is earned.
  • We have earned over 210 CUB tokens so far. All are staked in the CUB den contract and earning us around 26 CUB per hour at the time of writing.
  • Not sure what the plans are for the CUB airdrop, probably stake and compound

Costs - 0.2 ETH worth $365
Gains - 210 CUB worth $2152 plus coming airdrop for 22.5k staked LEO and wLEO

LBI tokens holders

  • Used 5000 LEO to invest in the bLEO/BNB LP
  • We have earned just over 80 CUB which is all being staked into the CUB den contract.
  • When the airdrop comes for LBI, I'll have to decide what best to do with it based on the CUB token price and offered ROI's

Costs - 3bLEO worth $2.40
Gains - 80 CUB worth $820 plus coming airdrop for 226k staked LEO

You could say we have got off to a good start. Both the SPI and LBI holding reports will be updated the reflect our new farming investments. I hope that gives you an idea of where SPI and LBI are at and how we are handling the CUB funds. Im going to get back to over the CUB finance to watching the farming rewards roll in.

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