$LTC new yearly high


Off the back of $ETH breaking 3k last night we're now seeing $LINK and $LTC going full send mode. I'm hearing Litecoin made a yearly high now on it's way to a new ATH. Always loved LTC until Charlie dumped on us, it's all good though it's hard for me to hold a grudge. Over the last three days LTC has made a low of 264.90 and a high of 338.77 where it's currently being traded for on most exchanges. When majors start moving like this it's awesome to see, looks like ETH profits could be rolling into the majors, next up will be the mids and small caps. Is this what altseason feels like? It may be too good to be true! Holy cow though checked Blockfolio and saw LINK almost touching 50.00 and LTC hitting 340.00. This can only last so long, I really need to start thinking about my exits when it comes to some of these coins. Must focus.

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